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Help! Just got Emperor, Keeps crashing after a few mins gameplay!


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Firstly, Emperor looks amazing - just my kind of game...

Im having serious problems with the game crashing after a few mins gameplay.

I have a reasonable system, Radeon 9600 gfx, Sb Audigy 2, 512mb ram, Athalon xp 2600+...

All my other software works fine and my system is very stable...

(I play Far cry, Ghost recon, Doom3, Mame and many other games for hours on end with no problems)

Any help much appreciated!

btw im running version 1.08 of emperor


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Are you runing it on windows XP?

** Yes

if you are you could try changing the compatability.  If you have a desktop shortcut right click on the icon, go to properties, then compatability tab and try switching it to windows 98.

** Just tried it, doesnt affect the game crashing

Are you playing this online, or in single player mode?

** Single player

try getting the 1.09 patch

** Just installed the patch, game still crashes

also, could you explain what happens when you crash (sometimes this can help lead to finding out what exactly is the problem) does it happen in campaigns, or in skirmishes, or both.

** The game just quits without any kind of warning, back to the desktop, sometimes my pc resets

also attach  your dxdiag if you can.  It may be of some help for the other tech people on these boards

** Attached

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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no solution, just some points

well, my game also closes sometimes while loading or while playing....but it dont freeze anymore....but in my case im sure that its my trashy pc....u know....had some viruses and such stuff....i think its coz of such crap....but it dont happen so often that i want to reinstall all...so i live with it.

maybe u should clean ur machine.

the other point is, that i have on my pc some video edit applications, wich i dont have on my working mac....if i use em and try to play after that, its crashy too.....i have to restart before playing emp.


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