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sys requirments


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i start it and it says GAME.exe has caused errors and will be close by windows or something to that extent... my sys specs are as follows...

AMD Athalon 1700+

256 MB RAM

3 + 10 GB HDD

NVidia GeForce 2 W/64 MB

Win 2K SP4 + last update 2 weeks ago


1024X768 right now nyways... can go into the 1200 series though... theres like three values that start with 1200...

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Have you used the install patch to install the game ?

Try searching the tech support as it seems to possibly be one of the more usual problems. Would need more info which we wil get as we troubleshoot.

I would post links but am at work with managers hanging around  ;)  ;)

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Hmmm, is that your whole DXDIag ? There seems to be some bits missing, especially hardware related stuff. The mobo hardware is what I was looking for and missed.

Try installing DX9.

What version of the game are you running. I think the version on the CD is 1.04, and the last version was 1.09. The patch is here on Dune2k.com under the URL http://dune2k.com/?page=files-emperor&show=patches. Just choose your language version.

What processes do you have running ? Can you attach your .nfo file please ? It will give some more info about your computer, including what processes are running. to do this, go to:

Start Menu.


Enter in the command field msinfo32exe

Save the file and attach to a post. You will need to rename it as Fed2k doesnt allow the .nfo extension. Just rename it to .txt or something.


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