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I've tried to reinstall dune and play online but when i'm trying to get online there are 2 patches I have to download, the first one was ok, but the second is tricky, it downloads it, but doesnt say the download is over, so i have to press cancel and try again (the same story there) i've downloaded the 1.06 patch from here and swiched the data files, installed RC but the problem remains...

If someone knows what to do please post here, thx.


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i know what could be problem

dune is downloadig two patches in rtp files

they download two one is for WOL , and second is for game

dune2000 have self-extracting thing . when game download patches, they store them in c:westwoodinternetpatches and c:westwooddune2000patches

sounds says game is unable to finish downloading second patch , that may be caused server problems or system was not restarted after installing dune.... it happened me twice when i had two games

tiberian sun and dune2000.... when i wanted to play tiberian sun online, after trying to connect game says patches are neeeded, they downloaded them and installed so game worked  beatyfully(except mouse cursor) after quitting and playing dune, and when i tried to connect in dune, they asked me for downloading same patch.....i  let game download them and game keeped it to infinite. i just copied rtp file from patches directory and after game  downloaded it, i quit it then copied patch to dir patches and runned game and they patched it from self and i get back into dune lol.

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