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The Guard Mode... Dun Dun Dun!

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I have just started playing emperor and it is a very fun and cool game. Theres one thing that really confuses me and that is the Guard Mode. My experiences is that whenever your units gets attacked or when the enemy is near your units, they will attack the enemy. Some reason, when the AI deployed a Kobra and attacked my minotaurus, My Mino didnt respond at all. same goes for the Harkonnen Missile and Inkvine and Mortar infantries... To make a long story short, i found out most of the long range troops kept slaughtering my army cuz my units wont respond to the attacks...

Is there any way of preventing or fixing this problem.

PS> I am not sure if this is how it goes in the game or it might be a bug...


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no, i guess he is fine. the mino has just a longer range. so he shoot the kobra, but the kobra do not respond. its just coz the mino is not in her range. every unit (except frems and ix-bombs)start to attack an enemy, if he reach his range.. thats all.

and the second point is, that some units r a lil stupid, and do some strange moves (or dont move) sometimes. so just pay attention.


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