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tips for ordos mission 7

build wind trap and  refinery and light factory, upgrade it and make some quads, then build next wind trap and next refinery, then build heavy factory , make one harvester, then wait for moneys, build wind trap and refinery, , and next harvester.  if you got some moneys, make some tanks and raiders to protect from top entrance of mercenaries. , then upgrade your construction yard, build wind trap and barracks and outpost then next wind trap and build few rocket turrets around starport of mercenaries( this bulding cannot be destroyedd, because u lose mercenaries).. if mercenaries got safe some,build wind trap and refinery ,  keep making  quads,combat tanks,siege tanks and raiders. if you can, build 3heavy factories 3light factories to increase speed of production tanks/quads.  they come out faster. then spend moneys on creating starport and refinery....

attacking atreides..

if you havee eoungh military (20combat tanks,25quads,10 siege tanks, 8 raiders. attack atreides from emperor base entrance. if you enter to atreides base using emperor's gate. you could conquer this base easily.DONT DESTROY EMPERORS PALACE. CAPTURE HIM FOR SARDAUKAR. when emperor is killed , first destroy  wind traps of atreides to power down turrets.  if ya made new army,  send it from bottom entrance. then take out refinery,construction yard, heavy factory,  starport and all what is inside. destroy harvesters too. 

destroying small atreides camp bottom of main atreides base.

send 20troopers to take out gun turrets and one rocket turret, if your army survived from main attackon top right base, use them to take out refinery barracks and 2 wind traps. dont forget about harvesers again.

destroying third atreides camp.  build 20 combat tanks, take out turrets and wind traps, then kill barracks and rest of atreides stuff. (destroy walls for more points)

when all is dome

you won mission

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they  will  disobey your orders when  they lose  about 25% of army that you have

lets say

you hold in base  20 combat tanks  10  siege tanks  10 raiders 10  troopers

mercenaries send  18 combat tanks  8 siege tanks    8 raiders and 8 troopers..  when they lose all units,  they lose 25% of that what  you have , they will send u first and last warning..  this time do not do it again, always send some units with mercenary forces to hold them on ur side.. with this  you can carry on heavy attacks from other enemies,  lets say you can use them as decoy.. but better not abuse their trust to you..  you should always send something from ur base..  you can capture but no point to get few more points...  mercenaries are bit experienced  ,  i prefer  saving mercenaries to have them as ally

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