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Merged topics how to get EBFD running from HD (modify resource.cfg)


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Hello, i'd like to know the steps involved in getting Emperor to run on the HD only without making ISO's an using D-Tools to mount.  I understand that u can modify the resource.cfg file, but it doesn't work.  I've even decompressed the movie an dialog.bag an music.bag files to recompiled them with no success.  Can anyone help?

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Are the movies and cutscenes important to you ? If not then you can just do a normal install and use a NoCD patch to stop it asking for the CD. You can play single player and online like that.

Unfortunately I dont know much about the resource.cfg, but I believe it was discussed in this forum somewhere...

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Hello, im trying to modify the resource.cfg to run the MOVIES0001.RFD from the HD. Does anyone know how to do this with all discs?  Right now im at a loss an slowly goin insane from frustration.  Can anyone Help!?  Also i've already got a NO-CD working , but i want the movies on the computer.  Im a performance freak an tweak the crap out of every system i own.  Its a disorder an im seeking help....

PS: Im aware of using ISO's files an D-TOOLS to run the movies from HD, but its too much an a hassle.

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