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Help !!!


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just come on down to the xwis server and im sure someone will be happy to give u advice and a game or two. remember to alter ur setts on option prior to loggin. graphic low shadows off and game speed 8.

and dont be downloading stuff in background or running other progs coz laggers r not loved. ;)

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I thinks you need help getting on XWIS. Let me quote myself (I love doing this... :D)


Use the XWIS tool used to swap between XWIS and WOL; Manually enter the IP Address into it (top set of numbers) and press Set. All Done !

GEt tool here ! http://xwis.net/downloads/XWISC.exe


Alternatively edit your hosts file... (longer and much more drawn out ! Shocked)

For windows XP the HOSTS file can usually be found at:


For Windows 2k it iis by default at:


For Win9X and WinME machines look at:


I say usually and all that becuase I am not shure that everyone will have their system directory/folder called Windows or Winnt. So correct it for whatever yours is.

The HOSTS file doesn't have an extension, so open it in Notepad or Wordpad as you do (Drag and Drop easiest?).

Search for an entry that reads "servserv.westwood.com"

If your text editor, Notepad or Wordpad doesn't find it, add it to the very end.

If it does exist, make shure the numbers before it look like this

So by the end, the whole line reads: servserv.westwood.com

And now save it back.

Now when you start EBFD, it should take you to XWIS server.

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