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Lan game quits


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Does it say anything about "Windows has recovered from a serious hardware failure" when it crashes ?

Can you look in Control Panel, in the Administrative tools. In there is something called Event Viewer. Systems Events would log any hardware failures. If you find anything there you think might be of help, list it here please.

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the event viewer lists this warning a lot. I don't know what it means though...

Windows cannot unload your classes registry file - it is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded when it is no longer in use. 

There is nothing listed about emperor though, but I remmember it saying something about it having to restart the graphics card.

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Try right clicking on desktop, Properties, Setttings tab then Advanced button near bottom.

In the next window, there is Troubleshoot tab. There is a slider on that, turn it dow to about middle and apple that. See if that makes any difference.

If it does then move slider up one notch at a time until it fails, if it doesnt move slider down one notch until it works or you reach minimum.

Post results back here.

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