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I'm currently DMing a D&D 3rd Ed campaign set in my own setting, and i'm due to start playing Mutants and Masterminds as a DBZ-style character named Aegis. He seems a pretty well made character... i'll see what he's like in the actual game though.

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Gonna set a "Fremen" char...and someone suggested me to be a divinator/ranger to role the abilities the Fremen have due to spice addiction. So actually what such abilities does Fremen have(I have only read the 1st book and the "house" prequels :( )

And which do you think is more like Fremen?

Bar Lv 2/Ranger

Bar Lv 2/Rouge

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You mean Bard, yes? Hm. Ranger, certainly. I would have gone for straight ranger, actually, to be a fremen (maybe with a rogue level or two, later perhaps PrCing into Horizon walker, with speciaisation in Desert), because they generally don't have any real abilities, unless you want to become a Sayyadina or Reverend Mother or something - in which case, I'd take a level or two of ranger, then go straight into Wizard: Diviner, or possibly a cleric with domains in Knowledge and Travel. Perhaps a few monk levels could be good for the Wierding Way.

Spellswise, don't go for flashy spells (exception: Bard, see below), but aim for divinations, maybe some elemental spells (Resistance/Save buffs), or enchantments. Touch range attack spells are appropriate, depending on how you interpret the Weirding Way. No fremen would pass up the opportunity to Create Water, and keep levelling up in order to summon a Purple Worm or some other monster.

Prefer light weapons, maybe fighting with two Kukris (call them Krys knives, use Kukri stats).

The only reason I would go bard is if I wanted a Lynchian fremen with wierding modules, using all the bard sonic effects (Shatter!). On the downside, this leaves you requiring lots of charisma, and the not-very-helpful Perform (Voice Synthesiser).

Other skills (aside from obviously stealth and perception) include Survival, Knowledge (geography or nature), maybe Jump, probably Tumble, likely Climb.

Dexterity is your most important ability, followed by wisdom (if taking many levels in monk or ranger). Constitution is high on the list, as well as intelligence (if taking Diviner). Strength could be more important than intelligence if you want to be a martial fremen rather than a sayyadina. Charisma is least important, unless yo really want to be a bard.

Rouge is a reddish colour.

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Yikes...didn't see you post in time before I set the char and played the first game, and ended up with 10 int :( Won't matter too much if he's a Fedaykin?

For Bar, I meant barbarian. 2 Lvs is for the 2d12 hp, fast movement and uncanny dodge. Does these suit Fremens...?

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