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Ok, so I was woundering around the net looking for some small, but good game to download.  I ran into WoS (well of souls) (http://www.synthetic-reality.com/wosHome.htm) And it is a pritty good game for a free download, and you can make your own worlds.  Get where I am going?  Would any one want to help make a Dun world for this game.  I suck at making worlds like that but I would give it a try.  I need a prity good sized map and what not.  and some Ideas of some quests.  If any one is experienced with this kind of map building I would be glad to let that person take over.

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I remember Well of Souls.  I was totally obsessed with it for about a week or so.  As I recall, there was an item called the "helm of Tleilax" in it.

I don't remmeber being able to make levels in it?  Would that need the version you have to pay for?

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So I have bn looking around for some good sized maps of dune and found none.  So I went with the next best thing, mars.  Does that sound ok?

And the editor is kinka like a starcraft editor but not quite that good.  For example, you have to actualy do the programing for your "quests". 

Also does any one have any good story lines for this?  Should t basicly flow the book?

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