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I canot run emperor(DUNE) on lan: in the lobby both comp can see themselves.both comp have os xp pro. I think there is a problem on the setts : IPX protocol have been installed. Should the internet explorer properties i.e in advanced where security , mutimedia ect be changed WHAT ARE THE SETTS ON WINXPPRO FOR NEWORK PROPERTIES AND INTERNET EXPLORER SETTS.No routers or proxy direct connection between laptop and pc.I can see the shared folders I can host a game but when ui try to join a message JOIN REFUSED pops........

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Like gryphon  says, IF you can see each others shares in Network Places then the settings are probably ok. Do you have any software firewalls on ? Maybe the XP built in Firewall ? Try disabling that temperarily just to check.

I am also a bit confused because you said both computers can see themselves...which i guess means they cannot see each other, then later on you say you try to join and get the msg "Join Refused". Can you please clarify this for me ? They can see each other ? Just cannot join ?

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