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American Empire


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(OOC: something i came up with in aproxomently 48 seconds, and decided to wright....)

The American Empire fell over a dozen years ago, Brought by internal strife and world opinion changing. Our once mighty navy now rots in ports and harbors. The American Dollar is worth the same as a Turkish Lyria. Our once mighty ally Canada now shuns us closing their boarder with us. We still can end the world, but who can't these days? I don't even know if our ballistic missiles still work, probably the only thing the government still keeps running.

Not that it matters, like our Roman counterparts the barbarians are coming, from Asia, from Europe and Africa. Raids on American shores have increased and a full blown Chinese invasion is suspected within 6 months.

My mother use to tell me of how America was the most revered country in the world. We use to be gods of our Domain, but now, we are third world and broke, inflation and poverty. That was when she was alive, Before the Smallpox screw up at the CDC and the third epidemic of mankind. Also blamed on America.

My uniform is stitched up from combat in Chicago, Sent by the government to put down a communist uprising, the city ended up being fire bombed. My stomach growls from hunger, our new orders should be arriving soon, The Shores to be readied from Barbarian assault probably, another raid and more deaths.

Rocket Batteries from the sea fall on our position, filling the starry darkness with flames and death. The radio clatters with orders.

"Company 115 move to sector Green, Haul ass two divisions of Chinese, Hold the bridge at all costs."

:"Were being overwhelmed! Theirs too many of them! Need back in the red line! I repeat need back in the red line!" Another man shouted overcome by static.

"Incoming in 30 seconds!" The Sarg shouted his M-16 ready to fire.

"Let's give him hell, don't give them an inch!" He shouted a second later a bullet found his throat he fell and began weeping.

Shouts from thousands of Chinese could be heard they were hitting the beaches.

I opened up with mounted 50 caliber, spraying the beaches. I felt a pang of happiness as their screams echoed up from the shore.  I love my country, it may not be the best place in the world, but it's ours. The fountain pen of democracy first marked us to stop the spread of Democracy, I'll be damned if some Chink basterd was going to white out our history.

"Fall back! Ryan fall back!" I turned the rest of the platoon was fleeing, Cowards.

I still fired the barrel was begging to glow red. The stars were filled with explosions, our fighters clashing with the dinks, trying to hold San Francisco at any cost. Kamikaze tactics were being ordered.

A rocket impacted two meters from my position, another was sure to fallow.

I heard screaming from the bunker at my left. I swiveled the machine gun and opened fire, visirating several of the Chinese with 50 caliber rounds. Another rocket came closer lacing my body with shrapnel, I still fired the barrel was smoking; the cries from the beaches grew. A sharp pain in my cut, it threw me back, over the railing and into the bunker.

Is this what it's come to? I thought to my self holding a bundle of my intestines. Is this what has happened to the United States of America? Shouting in Chinese, They were in the bunker. I raised my 45 caliber. And fired towards the voices. Pain filled my body as they returned fire, I dropped the gun, the pain was too much to bear, I never thought I could get hit, I never thought this would happen. God has turned his back on America, Spitting and scorching our lands with drought, I coughed tasting copper.

The American Dream indeed.

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