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E-mail virus question

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I just checked my e-mail, and among the 'Spam' in the bulk mail folder, I happened to notice that one of the messages had my exact same e-mail address on it, in the 'From' field. It had an attachment called Bill.zip, making the mail total 31k. Yahoo scanned it and found the Netsky virus in the file... I emptied my Bulk mail folder without downloading the attachment or reading anything else in there right away...

I have no recollection of sending any such file to anyone.

I'm just wondering, how would it be possible for me to receive a virus in my e-mail, from myself? Does this mean that my computer has a virus and I should do a complete format and re-install?

I have myself in my address book, if that helps (don't ask why ;)).

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Nothing special to worry ( * ) about, i have also received emails at yahoo that i have never send to myself containing a virus.

No it does not mean that your computer has a virus

( * ) Scan your harddisc for virusses regulary and update your software

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i have got too an infected email, it has my friend name, this what the email contains:

From :  Simon, Yeah, Harris <zelda_man18@msn.com>

Sent :  Friday, April 23, 2004 5:12:15 PM

To :  carl.gustafsson@home.se, me_chris@hotmail.com, stevenrice593@.com, salamascy@hotmail.com, atm0sph2r3@msn.com, danne__19@hotmail.com, dodgergames@planet.nl, elli10_10@hotmail.com, emil.stromberg@home.se, gm_tommiev@hotmail.com, hannahjelmstedt@hotmail.com, icecream_kim@hotmail.com, imgoingtomoes@hotmail.com, jonathanikba@hotmail.com, kardell_18@hotmail.com, kazaa_51@hotmail.com, kent_474@hotmail.com, kent_747@hotmail.com, knight666productions@hotmail.com, lina_fellert@hotmail.com, love_kjam90@hotmail.com, mattdog1000000@hotmail.com, mattsfrost@hotmail.com, oivind_89@hotmail.com, oliver_stenlund@hotmail.com, pipisen@hotmail.com, poor_old_gil@msn.com, robinsundin@hotmail.com, ronniehagert@hotmail.com, sadina_i@hotmail.com, skumbacka@hotmail.com, slowhand10@hotmail.com, tantia_saluta65@hotmail.com, tobiashagert@hotmail.com, true_tyr@hotmail.com, trecoolisfine@hotmail.com, tuppen90@hotmail.com, usilla_1@hotmail.com, wongen_46@hotmail.com, xbox_gamer99@hotmail.com

Subject :  FW: Fwd: Fw: Fw: PLEEEEEEASE READ!!!! it was on the news! asap]


  |  |  | Inbox 

>From: "bradley frechette" <brad77567756@hotmail.com>

>Subject: FW: Fwd: Fw: Fw: PLEEEEEEASE READ!!!! it was on the news! asap]

>Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 15:59:50 +0000



Veckans Pollenprognos hittar du nu p

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