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most of the time when i play ebfd a message pops up it says that illegal stuff and on the top it says "ddhelp" do any of you know what to do with this i am starting to hate it alot i was playing mutiplayer just now and it closed and the thing popped up please help please!!!(i almost never get to finish a game i play as jki9789 so please dont get mad because i d/c

cause i dont do it on purpose)

P.S. please post to help me cause i get tired of it  ::)

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are you guys gonna help me or not i know i sound pretty rude

but hey its ok when i cant play this game cause it so good

im working on a mod for it but i can stop trying if you guys

dont help (this new mod might let you get units that you

cant play with i might make it so that the frigate can be used to pick up new units thatll be awsome.)

im working on the mod right now but it might take a while to

release it cause i dont have a site i might try to email it to

gob though

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ok on the top bar it has "ddhelp" and then on the bottom it has the error message with ,"this program has performed an illegal operation". right next to it, it has  a close button and a

details button the details button says some stuff and ill try to get it to you when that error message pops up again.

and oh yeah this is how it works see first everything goes black and then it shows emperor shutting down and then im back in windows and ddhelp pops up and then i have to press close to get it out of the way (and emperor has shut down already anyways), but after when it goes away i click on emperor and the screen with emperor (in big letters) pops up

(you the one before, the ads for ea and westwood) and then it dissapears and (doesnt come back)i try clicking on emperor but that happens all over again, so i have to shut down my computer and then restart it, then finally , emperor works but then sometimes ddhelp pops up again. but now whenever it does i just restart my computer and play all over again.

p.s. sorry for the long post.

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a your computer probably can't handle emperor if it doesn't work after reinstalling. It happenened to me  but luckily the changes that made it happen were temperary you may have a permanent problem sorry

Riper what are you doing here? he needs help not somebody going "give me mods! give me mods! give me mods!"

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alphabeta4000, I believe you heard me say 'give me an exact description and I'll help you out' rather then gimme mods gimme mods. I dont want mods. They take too much time to upload. Id be way happier if new programs were made instead of mods.


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Riper  Obviously you need to work on some of your diplomacy skills. For a person that runs a site that uses other peoples content they provide , you should learn to be a little more neutral in what you post.

" Preferably original ideas "  Quote from your previous post

Well to start with I Rarely ever look at others programs. If i happen to duplicate something in another program it is because i need to or feel it is necessary for the program to operate as i intend it too..

" And second, it allows you to create Readme files for your map, which makes it a competitor to the Map Information Manager. " Quote from your site

Well this is really trivial !

For one it is a little stupid not to inlcude  something when one is creating an archive of files where a readme is expected. On top of that you should know better , I`m sure your aware of just how easy it is to load and save stuff out of a  notepad  style object. Now don`t you think it would be rather friggin stupid to leave that functionality out just because some other program does it too, one that i have never looked .

"One, the file size is only 10 kb smaller than a zip file, so that's not worth it. " another quote from your site.

Well the point was not to compress the crap out of it with some obscure compression  scheme.  The point was to at least maintain a reasonable file size with what a zip could make , and also  so other people would have a chance at making utilities that would work with it. Being as i know there was at least one other person that knows how to uncompress /compress rfh files i used that compression method  for that reason. While i certainly could have used some other scheme , I doubt there would be many others that would be able to use the same.

You failed to see the whole point the progarm tries to address,

which simply was to make it easier for people to figure out what files they need, and how to pack them up.

Certainly there is people that do not understand how to zip files  with paths etc, and then you also have the problem of the end user putting them someplace else.  So although two people can have the same map files if they are in different directory names , they will not be able to play that map.

It doesn`t matter to me if another person comes up with a program that does the same thing in a better way,  I don`t pretend to be a great GUi designer,  for that reason i published the file foirmat that i used. So another person could design something to work with the files.

Right about now I am somewhat miffed.

a few more quotes of yours

" though I hate Map Packer"

"Personally I wouldn't recommend this product"

Well i`ll tell you what.. You dislike my stuff that much ,take my content off your site and be sure not to post anymore .

I don`t want my content on a site where the webmaster is not going to give everything an equal chance. Good or bad  the users will decide for themselves what is good for them.

I`m not going to tell you how to run your site , but i am saying i don`t want my stuff there if you keep doing it the way you are now.

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Stealth cool down. The point of a review is to give your opinion on a program right? If I say it's not that good then so be it. That doesn't mean people won't download. Quote from my site: "But it's a small download so get it and decide for yourself". I didn't say don't download it. I dont hate you or your programs. I personally think you did a great job with the Campaign Unlocker and the discovery of XBF files. I just don't like this program. Please, it's just a review. I will continue to post your stuff wether you like it or not. And if someone else disagrees with a review, I asked for user reviews so send it in and I'll post it. Sheesh. No offense meant dude, don't take it so damn personal.


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Hey stealth since you've made a few programs why don't you try to make a program that could test if emeperor would work or not. EG click unit to test click test and see if the assigned weapon/s works. This would be great for mods or even see if the graphics for something new work.

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