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Another emperor that wont work.


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I have just bought EBFD, but following installation I can't get it to work. When I click the icon the screen goes black and nothing happens, not even a splashscreen. If I press ctrl,alt,del I can see that emperor and dune are running.

I have tried 1.09 and the EMPENGINSTFIX10 patches. Neither of which helped. I am not running NAV. I am running win 98 and meet all the recommended specs.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas??



PS I know this issue has been discussed ad-infinitum, but all of the other issues related to NAV or a situation where the splash screen came up.

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Update your video card drivers. Apart from the date, your DDI version isn't the correct one (should be 8 at least I think).

Next to that, try installing drivers for your monitor, as dxdiag isn't able to determine the brand/model. Lower your desktop to 800x600 res. and default refresh rate.

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Thanks guys,

You were right about the graphics driver. However, I'd installed the new drivers (before you'd posted the link) and it all went tits up! The graphics driver didn't work, things went very bad, all kinds of nasty stuff happening, things crashing and not restarting... etc. So I got rid of those drivers and tried an older Nvidia driver and fortunately it worked. Which was a good thing, I don't know how much longer I could have coped with 640x480 and 16 colours!

Anyway, it all ended well.



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