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Guys, I have an online campaingn problem. I start an online campaign, two player thingy, with my brother, who shares my cable broadband connection. No problems playing skirmishes together and no problem playing the actual campain either.

Its when the first level of co-op campaign is completed, the hosts machine says "Waiting for other player" and the "other" players screen says "Waiting for other player" also. We have to quit game.

We both have our own emp game, our own serial numbers etc... We can play each other no problem online - lan - anything. Its just getting to the second level of co-op campaign.

I am not shure if this one is too wierd to work out. Like maybe its only one level online (!?).

All help/suggestions appreciated.

P.S. This is probably more suitable in the Emp section, can someone move it there for me please ?

Thanks !

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just to be clear, in LAN gaming you can get beyond the second level of co-op ?

[ can you even do co-op in a LAN envournment ? ]

Do you or your brother have a firewall, or any other additional software running in the background during the game ? Try to disable as much as you can.

And who is hosting the game ? .Have you tried to host it from both computers or just one ? Try to host it from the other PC if you hve just tried one of the two.

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As far as I know, there is no co-op on in LAN play. It doesn't matter who hosts, we both have that problem.

As for firewalls, all background programs are disabled, Antivirus, firewall, messenger, the lot. I can play all other types of Emperor games online.

I do have a hardware firewall/router thingy, but I have not had any problems with that, i.e. the skirmishes online work.

Maybe its because we are both logged on to the WOL server with the same IP ?

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Ah hah ! It is working on XWIS Gobalopper. I am using that new connection thingummy, so it may be that, or I am starting to think I am going crazy and there never was a problem...

No, it probably was that new tool...

Thanks a lot guys.

Now its time to do 2 player campaign !

;)  ;D

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