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(un)official polfan dune2000 patch ?


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i know how to make weapon that do no damage add +1 to weapon example to bullet14 if you make +200 then it make instant kill same as -1 there must be somethiing done to warheads to make it works so then we MAY HAVE medic because always there is 1 and 0 . we just need find value that instead of taking away start adding HP points to damaged unit/bulding

tw . if you add spiecexpl weapon in tibed to unit it can generate spice on mapp. if it get used on rocks game crash.

dune2000 can be modified in many ways. we are not experienced eoungh to make new units/buldings etc.

bon this website i have found many screenshots with units that appear in red alerrt 1 .. that pickup truck..im not sure if was photoshopped or fake, i belive that someone CAN modify game eoungh to achieve that. -

as far as i know to add new unit you need implement its data to data.r8 and data.r16 also to bin files and into dune2000.dat

in tibed you can just create entry for new unit, but you need data for that unit to be created and implemented.

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