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FAQs missing?


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Hi everyone!

But if you go to


and look up the files, they work there. I think Gob changed some urls and didn't change the links at faq.dun2k.com

Mh, I can find the Dune FAQs and the Red Alert 2 FAQ there, but not the Tiberian Sun FAQ v2.8! :'(

So, if anyone knows where to find it please tell me here or send it by mail (chr0n0ss@gmx.de)... :)

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Aw... I already tried to find it everywhere, including google and eDonkey--No go.

But I found out the following about the Tiberian Sun FAQ:

At <http://faq.dune2k.com/>:

- Version: 2.8

- Date: December 4th, 99.

Then the file I already have:


- Version: 0.99beta

- Date: December 4th, 99.

So only the version number stated at faqs.dune2k.com seems to be wrong and I seem to already have the most recent file! :D

Have a nice weekend... :)

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