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Chapterhouse continued, Prep thread


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This is an idea I've been toying with. I'm not sure if Fanfiction is in a state to support it at the moment though so I'm just throwing up a preparation thread to see what people think of the idea, how many people might want to be involved, etc.

House Atreides has risen and fallen. The Scattering is over and the Honoured Matres have destroyed Dune. The Bene Gesserit have now merged with them under the guidance of Murbella, and Chapterhouse is midway to becoming a new Dune.

But there is a malady. A splinter group of the Honoured Matres has broken away, and holds several planets. They are now inferior to the Bene Gesserit, but are tenaciously holding on to their territory. In the chaos of the uprising the six surviving Houses Minor of the Landsraad (For argument's sake we shall allow them to remain nameless for now) have freed the Guild from their subservient position

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I, too, would be interested in this.  I want to participate in as many Fan Fics as possible, as I love Role Playing... but alas, I do not know enough about Dune to qualify.  I have watched the movie and played Emperor... but as soon as my wages come through, I'm buying the entire series of Dune books and reading them.

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