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I can't go on


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It's been a long time since I played Dune 2000. I wanted to play it again, so I installed the game. I'm using Windows XP Professional. I've got the following problem: The games works fine, everything runs well. But after I finished the first mission, I can't go on. On the map where you pick the next level I always may choose the first level. After completing the level I'm only able to choose the first level again. I hope you know how I mean it.

Did anyone of you have this problem before? How does it occur? What can I do?

Thx for help.

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A friend had the same problem. Is the disk you have an original or a copy from the original?

In my case it was a copied disk, we simply made another copy from my original and reinstalled. This allowed him to progress past the first mission. This fix might be a fluke but it worked for us!

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having just bought the game from amazon as i had it years ago, i installed it and got the same problem- couldn't go on after the first level- the game just went back to the first mission version of the map.

have tried installing it on both my computers (xp and win98) and reinstalling it but i still get the same problem. has anyone found a fix for this problem yet?

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