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tibed can damage dune2k


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i only maked changes on raider , give to raider weapon DHBOMB and after loading new mission, on practice, game crashes

circles defined up to 7[Ggame ticks=4857564]

same problem is if i edit buldings

cost of refinery changed from 1500 to 787

and game cant load , the error is in templates.bin

failed to save changes, file templates.bin is corupt!!!

operation canceled.

i must download from this site an siege multi mod, and errors has been eleminated, but changes to raider and trikes i move to mod, and game work normally without problems. but i detect , evry small change on game can damage dune2000 and unable to play. tibed is bug-fully . i found some bugs on program , and tibed 2000 module. i need stable tibed , and another dune2000 tibed module. my dune2000 dont work if is installed patch 1.03 . error is " data/ui_gfx/o_raider.bmp no sush file or directory . and game run me out to windows,but screen size has changes(unknow from) to 460px 640px .... and colors of icons is changed, and tried to run again game, winmainup.cpp system internal damage. cant run game

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i cant reinstall game, dont have working cd-rom , old cd-rom has burned on try to installing emperor, cd-rom has burned with emperor-CD inside machine. game have from CD , i installed an past 4months .

i tried to use another mod, and game temporairy work property, but errors has occured if i tried to build hows bulding p.e wind trap

limit of amount for weapons and units structures is not reached, but game donw towk, i use now siege multi mod

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