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dune2000 and LCD Belinea 101556


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On Belinea 101556 I can see only 2/3 of picture. 1/3 of picture is under screen. Auto function on monitor doesnt repair it. How is possible set whole picture to screen ?

Monitor's info display 640x350. What can I do ?

When I tried run it with -g , verticaly is picture good, but horizontaly is displayed 1/3 of left part on rechts.

Original CD, patch 1.06UK.

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Check the back of your monitor for 2 adjusting controls, their quite well hidden, if they are present.

Did you re-install the monitor drivers ?

Sometimes there are two holes at the back of the monitor also.Marked Vert Sync or Vert size.

If all else fails do the thump test.

Hit the side of the monitor with the flat of your hand.

This might show some change. ;)

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Where is in game options for resolution ? Dune2K has only 16bit or 8bit graphics. Why game switch to 640x350 ? I tried next LCD - same model a same trouble.

On different LCD panel is set 640x480 and all is OK.

Is any options with switches /dune2000 -xxx /, that it run in 640x480 ?

to Atomic Mitten : do You saw VSync and H-sync button on LCD panels ? :-))) I have EIZO too and it has not it.

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At the back of the monitor at the bottom, there are sometimes ! controls.

Not seeing your monitor I don't know.

To set your resolution, right click anywhere on the desktop, and select properties.

Then settings, on the left side of the window it has a slider bar , where you can adjust your screen resolution.

Try this.

If this doesn't work, right click on the shortcut to the Game,properties/compatability , there you can set the resolution of how DOS runs the game.

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Yes, this is on CRT. But I have LCD.

I tried it on same type under Win98SE. Same trouble. In system, there is always installed 2!!! monitors /i tried remove it, but find again. - Monitor Plug and Play and second Belinea. Of course, PC has only one. I tried change Plug n Play to Belinea too and now dune2000 works well. But on second PC I have WinME and there is not possible use this trick, becouse there is only one monitor - Belinea.

Game,properties/compatability is under W2k,XP...

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