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Dune RPG: Why not make our own?


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I've been trying to get a hold of a copy of Last Unicorn Game's Dune RPG that they released at GenCon in 2000. Unfortunately, everyone who's selling them online is asking a LOT of money for them, money I can't spend right now.

Wizards of the Coast bought Last Unicorn with the intention of converting the Dune game to the d20 system, but never released it (in fact, they shut it down). A couple of years ago I had a petition to save it, but nothing came of that.

What I'm wondering now is if anyone here has a copy of the game that he could transform into PDF. We could use it as a basis for our own conversion to the d20 system, and based on that, put out adventures/accessories that expanded that universe. What do you think?

    - David (Who wants the PDF even if the idea isn't good)

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I know, I saw it at GenCon 2000 too. I din't get a chance to buy it though, and now (ok, months ago) WoTC closed it down! I know how you feel. Making our own Dune d20 game would be brilliant.

But who says we need theirs? Let's convert D&D 3rd Ed. ourselves!

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          A seductress entices influential men: dukes, barons, Fenrings...A seducer will quickly get killed, because he gets to seduce duchesses, and the dukes are real unhappy and sometimes lasgun-tempered.

         It's a nice idea, though (the seducer) I'd like to see what advantages this class will have in a possible RPG - perhaps 100% intuition, 100% speed and 0% ability to stay in one place for too long... He has to survive, after all... maybe the higher levels will have 100% chance of inflicting Sexually Transmitted Disease damage ;)

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