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fremen trouble

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Sorry, ffrenchy, but you really can do with help. Fremen are a combination of troopers and light infantry. They carry machine guns and wire-guided missile launchers. They work well in squads as scouts and suicide groups. They are always cloaked, except when they fire, or get too close to infantry.

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if u put fremen and worm is on they way.. and fremen automatically remove cloak when worm is too close to fremen and start attack on worm lol, also HOW WORM CAN SEE STEALTH RAIDER ON WHITE SAND, I PUT SOME ON WHITE SAND AND HALF OF GROUP WAS EATED BY WORM? WHY... WORM DONT SEE YOUR STEALTH TRIKES, SO HE CAN EAT THEM HOW?

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Please don't use so much caps.

May I remind you that worms have no eyes and do not, in fact, see.

Why shouldn't the worm detect the trike? In fact, the worm can probably feel the holtzmann generators of the stealth device far better than anything else.

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