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  1. can u play on-line without the actual game???
  2. I am about to buy dune but i dont know how many games there are. For computer and Playstation can someone help.
  3. I think this site will be usefull for unit & building statshttp://www.neoseeker.com/resourcelink.html?rlid=34948&rid=32896
  4. if you capture for example a harkonnen construction yard then can you build their buildings. so ive been told. ive tried but it wont work ive selected the harkonnen csyd but it still wont work??? or cant you do that???
  5. i worked out how they worked the next time i played. the tanks must have accidentally got in their path
  6. now does that look better for a stratergy?????????? and could you set up a thred on unit statistics??
  7. what is the big deal with fremen i have a palace but all they seem to do is get killed. but they are a bit stronger than troopers. ive tried cloaking them as someone told me but i cant do that.
  8. i meant rocket tanks. im fairly new to this game i dont know much about the damage of units or the names i just know what they do. i have my turrents in a line of about 10 and 2 or 3 rows back that is really effective against any unit im playing now and not one turrent has been destroyed yet. in the earlier missions i put clusters on each side of entrances and they were effective aswell.
  9. first the most effective tactic i have found is that if on all the entrances of your base you put clusters of 6 to 8 rocket and gun turrents (3 or 6 of each) it usally kills most. and it hasnt failed with me yet when a rocket tank comes to attack them (they can shoot further and stay out of range of the turrents) just get 2 or 3 light infantry to bait them closer) the second is a diversion send about 30 tanks (your strongest) to the main entrancee off the base then the enemy will send all its units out to attack meanwhile send enginers into another entrance. Have a group of about 10 troopers t
  10. what about for PSX (Playstation)?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  11. if you capture for example the Harkomen palace can u then us the death hand missile and if you capture their heavy factory can you create their units????
  12. ive tried and tried to group for psx but i cant. i spose all of youse use the computer.
  13. hi, any one wana talk?
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