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Stuck on Attredies Mission #7

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When the Sadukar and the Harkonen attack (this is the first game with the Sadukar, and its a trap, the Harokonen are supposted to be rereating) I just cant build anything fast enough. Be it tanks, trikes, rocket turrets or infantry they all just get crushed and its game over... time after time! What am I doing wrong? :(

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A lot of people think this is useless, but it works quite well. Build 2 walls(one behind the other) across the openings in your base and leave a 2 square opening in one corner for your harvesters. Keep your units inside the base.

Usually, the AI try and sneak thru the opening, in which case your units should be able to pick 'em off one by one. In case they try and blow up the walls, send a few combat tanks outside quickly and make them go for the wall-smashing unit, not the heaviest unit in sight.

As soon as you feel you're strong enough to protect yourself, get rid of the inner wall and build r-turrets there.

Happy Duning

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