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  1. I need help capturing the barracks or whatever you need to capture before those guys come. Whenever I try, I build up some units, but I'm always outnumbered.
  2. Why are they doing that? ??? Does this mean that FED2k will be no more as well? ???
  3. That's a weird one... when I did mission 4 on Atriedes the Fremen helped me get passed that mission, even though I coulda done it myself. But I need some help on mission 5 though. Any help you guys can give me?
  4. Spicer31

    To timenn

    Ohhhh... ok thanks
  5. Spicer31

    To timenn

    On your signature, what's with the text that says under the picture of something getting destroyed "I believe he does not play dice-Albert Einstein"? What does that have to do with that unit getting destroyed?
  6. When I try to use multiplayer, it says there's no usernames found on my computer, and I've got a password. Then when it says I need an upgrade, I got it, I tried again, and the same thing happens. Can someone tell me why? :O
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