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  1. I've been thinking that a game-style more along the lines of UFO: Enemy Unknown would suit dune well. Have a "geoscape" where you manage troop movement and manage resources. Kind of like Cryo's Dune game. Have a "battlescape" where you engage in close combat between squads and assail installations.
  2. Tony, would you be able to put a source archive up for us who are too lazy to learn CVS?
  3. If all your after is the sources to an old-style RTS, there is FreeCraft which is GPL'ed.
  4. Have latency, so that it takes time for a structures functionality to kick in after being powered up. This way one can't just instantly swap power supply modes, which would otherwise be quite pointless.
  5. Why remake the game, if not to make it better? If all you wan't is an updated dune 2, you've already got Dune 2000.How about an "Alert" mechanism, which preps your base for a big attack: - Set power prioritisation to defensive. - Withdraw non-military units. Dock harvesters into their refineries until the alert is over. Ground carryalls away from danger, so they don't get takenout by enemy rockets. Option to allow caryalls to liftoff to withdraw damaged units for repair. - Prioritise auto repair to military and defensive military units and structures.
  6. The Complicateder the betterer. Dune is meant to be a rich and complex universe. The turret battery backups wouldn't add any complexity to the play. The power prioritisation would allow more complex management, but not require it, could be handled automatically or just ignored.
  7. Have battery backups in turrets, which charge up while there is power to spare, and discharge when power is lost, providing the turret with power for a short time, so you have a chance to restore power supply. It would also be good to be able to prioritise power supply, so in a low power emergency, you can keep your command post and turrets powered, but power down non essentials, such as reffineries and factories.
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