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    Berlin City


    Goal: As a young engineer you going thru the assessment center of the "Deutsche Bundesbahn". Your task: built up the BERLIN City traffic in the most efficient way, by connecting all Subs and being the only profitable company, which survives. Author's Comments: You being a young engineer looking for a job. You got the chance from the "Deutsche Bundesbahn" to go through their assessment center. They are looking for young talents, who can built and manage a railroad company. Beside some other objectives, this is a straight forward task. Just connect all cities, have no debits and be the only surviving company. (Airports are no cities!)
  2. sure, as I said, easy and straight foreward ;D, next will be with events and reduced resources
  3. first trial and map with no events (yet ?), straight foreward and easy - have fun ! Manfred P.S. for version 01: Sorry by whatsoever accident I killed the airport track. version 02a now with tracks[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  4. got it, not a bad idea, I just was wondering why I have to run unprofitable trains in this area just to keep my industry going, now I understood. Let me know what you think about V1 & V2 both have a little different concept. Aslo, as you tested yr version - you every found your trains down in Frederiction ? -happend twice to me after AI conncetion. Manfred
  5. nice maps just tested V10 and was wondering while nothing happend - saw later in the editor - it counts only if you lay down tracks - :-\ , guess you did these by accident other it's just aweful Manfred
  6. JayEff, congratulation, this is a real great scenario and I like it very much :-* after playing it several times, I'm not sure what was your original intention with the St. Lawrence River Company "Atlantic Pilots Acc." ? and why the connecting trails to the ports belonging to it. Also sometimes if an AI connects to a port (only in New Glasgow, =>Frederiction, Moncton route) you may find yr trains in the middle of nowhere, in North America. I could not figure out why, there is no reason for it, as far as I saw. The problem with share value 0 is, if you directly buy back all shares, the next year you have enough money to buy all needed indusrty for a win. (Guess, if you let run the game in the editor for the first year, change back the company cash and save it again; this should solve it). As said, I like this scenario very much. So I adjusted it to my personal preferencies. (I hate the Big Boy eng. always crashing and to pay money to a dead company). Att. two version if you like them release it to the public. rgds. Manfred [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
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