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Maps based in Europe.

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  1. Goal: The RRT3 Roman Empire Map is a what-if map, 1866 and the Roman Empire still exists with 11 Outposts to serve.
    If you play to win, you will be asked to connect these 11 Outposts and deliver 4 different cargo types to each.
    Author's Comments: The map is open ended with over 100 events and with modified win events. The cargo flow has been reduced. Few industries are produced at game start. The cost of industries has been reduce so they can be built by the player. etc. etc.
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  2. Goal: The governments of United Kingdom and France grant you rights to build and run railroads withing their borders. On the condition that you provide high speed passenger service between the two countries.
    Bronze -
    1. Haul 200 loads of passengers each way between the UK and Europe.
    2. Lifetime Express speeds of 60 mph or more.
    Silver - In addition to 1 and 2
    3. Haul 10 passenger loads from and to each of Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Italy.
    Gold - In addition to 1, 2 an 3
    4. Accumulate $15,000,000 in personal cash.
    Game Length: 26 years.
    Author's Comments: Cannot build hotels, taverns, post offices.
    While the game requires passenger loads for goal
    medals cargo still must be hauled.
    Since there are two tunnels one could be used exclusively
    for freight and the other for passengers.
    Note that waypoints work differently when part of the travel is
    over foreign track.
    Warning - tring to bulldoze chunnel or chunnel tracks results in CTD.
    Warning - don't build on top of chunnel tunnels.
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  3. Goal: Weidenthal County, located in mountainous central Germany, hopes to benefit from the post-war boom that has gripped the country.
    The bankruptcy of the old narrow-gauge railroad from Neustadt to Niederlungern in 1950 has left Weidenthal without rails. Now, the county council hopes that you can build a new line in standard gauge.
    The county's economy could use some modernization, too - the traditional toy-makers of the area have to make the transition to plastics to stay in business.
    Bronze: Connect Weidenthal to Neustadt-on-the-Bäke and Niederlungern.
    Silver: In addition, haul 40 loads of toys (anywhere).
    Gold: In addition, haul 10 loads of goods to Neustadt-on-the-Bäke, and reach a book value of 16.000.000$.
    You have 25 years. Good luck!
    -Your company is fully owned by the county. Thus, the stock market plays no role.
    -As a civil servant in the employ of the county, you enjoy tenure. Ignore the investors, since no one can fire you.
    -You can neither build nor buy industries.
    -Neustadt and Niederlungern are transfer points with Federal Railway lines. The warehouses represent the exchange traffic. Offer your own line for through traffic to win the Gold!
    -Weidenthal is located in the approach to a major international airport, as you will no doubt notice soon.
    -Honor and valuable prices await the winner
    Author's Comments: In post-war Western Germany, re-connect the small town of Weidenthal to the national rail network, and jump-start the county's economy!
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  4. Goal: The player finds himself in mid-Europe, January 1962. After the war, Germany had been split into a western and an eastern country, the FRG and the GDR. Both got a part of the former capital berlin, which is situated in the east, so West Berlin was isolated from the rest of FRG.
    The main task is to create railroad connection between Munich, West-Berlin and Hamburg, but does not need to transport things on these tracks. Furthermore, he must transport 500 wagonloads (silver=250) of passengers out of the GDR and 300 loads of coffee as well as 150 loads of cars and 10 loads of Bauxite into the GDR. After fulfilling the last two conditions mentioned, you will receive a Minot bonus. The entire undertaking is overshadowed by the fact that within the territory of the GDR the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" is having its tracks, which aside from costing money to be used is also restricted in its railroad tracks by construction work going on. A merger with the liquidated railway is not possible.
    Author's Comments: Hello to all English speaking RT3 players, most of you only have a general idea of the details regarding the German Parting, some may not be familiar with it all together. The map "New Beginning" from the RRT3 map pool displays the time around 1990 when Germany was reunited, and the years after that. I used that map as a model and chose the separation of Germany into a west (FRG) and an east (GDR) part for the theme.
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  5. Goal: It is 1930 and your task is to connect Bergen and Helsinki within 30 years. For Silver you have to connect Bergen and Vilnius. For Gold you have to fulfill Silver conditions plus your company value has to be $30 Mio. Good luck and have fun!
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  6. Goal: Additional to the familiar medal goals, you will have to pass deadlines. If you fail them, you lose (game over)
    Deadline 1 (1890)
    - Berlin and Nuremberg must have been connected.
    - 250 Passenger cars must have been transported
    Deadline 2: (1919)
    - 100 german cities must have been linked.
    - Total industry profits must add up to $50 millions
    Deadline 3: (1950)
    - Import of 50 bauxite loads to Russia
    The game ends in January 1961, and gold can't be triggered before 1952
    - Nancy (F) and Luxemburg must be connected
    - Export 100 loads (any) out of Luxemburg. PNV > $50 millions
    - Budapest (A) and Zurich (CH) must be connected
    - Import 150 loads (any) into Switzerland.
    - PNV > $75 millions
    Budapest (A) and Zurich (CH) must be connected
    - Malmoe (S) and Svaneke (DK) must be connected
    - Import and export 300 loads each in and out of Switzerland
    - PNV > $100 millions
    Author's Comments: The scenario starts in 1877, and will take you through 90 stormy years, some more some less stormy. In 1877, Germany was turned into an empire with its largest territory ever. The industrial awakening, together with the rural economy, were increaingly dependent on effective means of transport. Some of todays hugest companies origin from this era, as is the case in most western nations.
    The challenge of this scenario lies in erecting a traffic system throughout all Germany, having but a few coins at hand, and withstand the adversities of two world wars. As it is not possible to change territories by event, the borders of France and of all eastern europe become incorrect as of 1918. So you just regard the german territory as your companiy's sphere of action.
    In the quiet period following deadline 2, you may be tempted to lay back and loose your grip. Be warned and focus your activities to prepare for coming breaks...
    Except for the scandinavian countries, access rights to all other nations cannot be bought before 1945, the end of WW2.
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  7. Goal: Nach Titos Tod 1980 ist der Balkan zerrüttet. Serbiens Wirtschaft liegt brach. Der Aufbau einer soliden Infrastruktur und das Ankurbeln der Industriewirtschaft ist Deine Aufgabe.
    Author's Comments: 1981. Josip Bros Tito ist seit einem halben Jahr verstorben, der Balkan ist zerrüttet. Einige Ressourcen liegen verschlafen brach. Die Aufgabe besteht darin, Serbiens Wirtschaft durch eine vernünftige Infrastruktur wieder zum Laufen zu bringen - und den Widrigkeiten des Krieges zu trotzen. Die Nachbarn sind nicht immer freundlich gestimmt...
    Keine leichte Aufgabe!
    Du hast bis Ende 2020 Zeit, um sie zu bewältigen. Auf geht's!
    Verbinde Serbien/Montenegro mit allen anderen Gebieten.
    Transportiere außerdem noch jeweils 30 Ladungen Munition und Waffen (diese können an Lagerhäusern und Häfen in Spielzeug umgetauscht werden).
    Wie Bronze - zusätzlich müssen Deine Industrieprofite 100 Mio übersteigen.
    Wie Silber, allerdings mußt Du mind. 200 Mio Industriegewinne erwirtschaften. Außerdem müssen noch mindestens 5 Ladungen Uranerz transportiert werden.
    schnelles Gold:
    Transportiere 50 Ladungen Spielzeug - und Du hast das Spiel vorzeitig gewonnen.
    Für die Verbindung Zagreb-Kjustendil gibt es einen saftigen Bonus, ebenfalls für Podgorica-Hunedoara.
    Die Strecke muss an bestehende Gleise angebunden werden.
    Die Gründung mehrerer Gesellschaften ist nicht erlaubt.
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  8. Goal: As a young engineer you going thru the assessment center of the "Deutsche Bundesbahn". Your task: built up the BERLIN City traffic in the most efficient way, by connecting all Subs and being the only profitable company, which survives.
    Author's Comments: You being a young engineer looking for a job.
    You got the chance from the "Deutsche Bundesbahn" to go through their assessment center.
    They are looking for young talents, who can built and manage a railroad company.
    Beside some other objectives, this is a straight forward task.
    Just connect all cities, have no debits and be the only surviving company.
    (Airports are no cities!)
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  9. Goal: Spain was continually being torn apart by civil unrest for well over 100 years. After the collapse of the First Republic in 1876, the newly appointed king Alfonso XII was desperate to see Spain rise up in European prominence once again. Lagging behind in the industrial revolution well underway in the rest of Europe, there was one logical person to turn to, Alphonse Rothschild of the French branch of the Rothschild Bank. Now, Alphonse Rothschild has turned to you. You must establish railway service and new industries in Spain and help the country build a strong industrial foundation.
    BRONZE: Connect Madrid to Barcelona by the end of 1901.
    SILVER: Meet the above conditions and have an Industry Profit of $4 million by the end of 1901.
    GOLD: All of the above conditions but have an Industry Profit of $8 million by the end of 1901.
    - After 5 years, you will be charged $150k annually to pay back the Rothschild's.
    - If at the end of a year where you do NOT have $150k in cash to pay, you will be in default of the charter. If you default 6 times, your charter will be revoked and your company liquidated.
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  10. Goal:
    Map Properties
    Time frame: 1885-1914 (30 years)
    Players: Single or multi (up to 4 players); no AI
    Restrictions: Players may only start one company; track laying is limited (see below)
    Medal goals:
    Single player:
    -Connect Istanbul to Ankara
    -Haul 20 loads of clothing to Istanbul
    -In addition to bronze goals,
    -Connect Istanbul to Baghdad
    -In addition to silver goals,
    -Haul 20 loads of oil to Istanbul
    -Haul 4 loads of weapons and 4 loads of ammunition to Baghdad
    -Have the most track mileage of all companies
    -A winner will be declared as soon as a continuous rail line from Istanbul to Baghdad has been completed. If the line is not completed by the end of 1914, all players lose.
    Historical Background
    The Ottoman Empire had been a grand power in European politics since the middle ages, laying siege to Vienna twice, and conquering Constantinople, renamed Istanbul thereafter, from the Byzantine Empire in the late 1400s. With the advent of industrialization, however, it fell back behind the Christian nations of Europe. By the time this map puts you in the chairmanship of a railroad company chartered by its Sultan, it had become increasingly weak, economically and militarily. The main reason that the Empire was not divided among Christian European powers was the jealousy among the latter. For example, Britain and France joined forces with the Ottomans against Russia in the Crimean War of 1857, to fend off Russian gains on the Balkans. Yet, at the same time, both France and Britain had their own designs to annex parts of Ottoman territory, like Egypt and Mesopotamia (nowadays Iraq).
    After the 1860s, the Sultanate embarked on an aggressive course of modernization, inviting European knowledge and capital to strengthen its military, streamline its administration, and build industry and railroads. British, French, and German businessmen started ventures in the Ottoman Empire, often competing for charters amongst each other. You assume the persona of one of them in this map.
    The Baghdad Railway, which was to connect the capital of Istanbul with Baghdad, was primarily of military importance, promising to tighten Ottoman rule over Mesopotamia, which was being challenged by Arab nationalists supported by the British. It also promised to bring the fertile and oil-rich land along the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers closer to the European markets.
    German business interests were put in charge of the project in 1885, though protests by Britain and France later led to the opening of the company to investors from those countries. In a multi-player game, the four player characters are representative of these different interests, competing against each other, yet forced to pursue the same goal, the completion of the Baghdad Railway.
    In reality, the Baghdad Railway was not completed by the time the First World War broke out. The Ottoman Empire ended in 1922, and was succeeded by the secular republic of Turkey in its Anatolian heartland.
    Author's Comments:
    Strategy Hints
    If you want to haul lumber and steel, you will have to build most of the industries that supply and demand these cargoes, and make sure you'll be able to haul some lumber and steel on your initial network of 600 segments - otherwise you'll be stuck with no way to expand your line.
    To help you get started, industry buying and building will be slightly cheaper until the end of 1889.
    If you have lumber and steel mills, but the cargo won't board your trains, build industries that demand lumber (furniture, toy, and weapons factories) and steel (tool & die, weapons and ammunition factories) in cities served by your railroad.
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  11. Goal: The Netherlands seriously needs a high speed train network. This is your job. Enjoy the windmills.
    Author's Comments: For connecting infrastructurally important areas you'l be rewarded. To obtain Bronze you'll need to connect Randstad Holland. To do so you must connect Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Your book value must become larger then 15 million dollars. When you've done this, access to Belgium will become affordable. For Silver you'll need to connect the provincial capitals as well. These are: Leeuwarden, Groningen, Assen, Haarlem, Lelystad, Zwolle, Arnhem, 's Hertogenbosch, Vlissingen en Maastricht. Furthermore You'll need a book value larger then 50 million. By doing so access to Germany will become a lot cheaper. For Gold you must connect to Brussels and Cologne as well.
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