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  1. Gwizz, I like your style with leaving crashes and breakdowns disabled. The Shay is a great engine for this map, but I think you could make it harder by choosing a different engine that has a higher maintenance and fuel expense, and perhaps a little worse hill pulling. All things being equal, I just load up on Shays (because that's my strategy) and ignore the other engines. That doesn't consume all of my money, and I would much rather run four Shays on a route (costing $160K as an example) instead of two other units for $80K each. As time progresses, I will end up making more money and still winning.
  2. One thing I'd like to see is (if you're in track laying mode), and there is an accident or other 'event', you must make a decision and then go back to track laying mode. Unfortunately, when you make the 'decision', it accepts all of the last track changes and you cannot undo at that point. This becomes a problem if you are laying high-price items (bridges and tunnels). I've begun to stop the game clock before doing high dollar trackage and would like to see a fix for this.
  3. Number IV is a good one too Gwizz, I like the little monetary touches you added. The AI's were pretty much a non-factor, in fact the one at the Fertilizer Island was a help because I was able to buy him for around $650K, and his bridges, track and units were more than that. Won the single gold on the 4th, and the double gold on the 9th, with the bulk of that time spent paying back my loans. I wasn't watching too closely, but it did seem like the slow clock was running slower in the first part of the game (and I know that's not possible, but...........)..... By the way, I had the Shay and the Planet for the whole game. Don't even know why the Planet was there, given the top end speed of 1.......No Orca ever appeared. Maybe a nice touch would be to put a time limit on it, reduce the cost of tunnels by 40%, and increase the cost of bridges by 40%. (?),......But I'm not a designer!
  4. I'm glad he's been able to help you, I'm sure he'll do a great job and I'm just lucky to have time to play, let alone test!
  5. I can help test whenever, please let me know. I sent you a direct e-mail but never got a response.
  6. I'm having the same problems with this one, and yes, the industries are definitely discounted 10% and that's nowhere near enough to generate a cash stream.....I'm going to try again tonight and see how far I can get.
  7. Gwizz, this is a really really really fun sim..........I got the double gold on the 10th, and if I hadn't been really stupid and put rails to the northern bauxite mines, it probably would have been earlier. I didn't see any of the problems that were referenced in the earlier threads, and money in this sim was readily available to build bridges and tunnels to cut down on run times. And, whatever you did with the Shay's was great, wish I could have them in all the sims! Thanks again for the wonderful work!
  8. I can connect to the core address, but none of the others in the tree. Is anyone else having this problem?
  9. isii

    Patch 1.04

    I've been running the 1.04 for about a week and note that in some cases, there are still issues with elevation when placing a service facility in quasi-mountainous areas. Dozing the service area does not restore the track to its original grade either.
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