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    Goal: Singleplayer: Northern Utah and southern Idaho, with a touch of Wyoming. Get the Gold by connecting five locatons... Bronze requires you to connect Minidoka in the northwest and Logan in the center and Fort Duchesne in the southeast. For Silver also connect to Ibapah in the southwest. Get the Gold by also connecting to Daniel in the northeast. To get the Gold you also need to make $100,000,000 in industry profits in any one year. You should be able to do this WITHOUT using any LONG tunnels. Only the first 150 tunnel sections will be affordable. After that the price per tunnel section goe
  2. The map is being emailed to the moderator as it will NOT load via the attach below. This is the same map with the following changes and/or additions: Warehouses and ports are far more restricted in number and location than before. There will now be no more than 1 where before there might have been 5 or more. You can follow the original path of the Transcontinental Railroad by connecting, from west to east [or east to west], those towns and cities with a * after their name. The western point is made up and named CP W Exit. The list is as follows, from there east to Granger, Wyoming: CP W Exit
  3. Phil has mentioned in the Gathering's general forum that the 1.04 patch will address the disruption of elevations by placement of buildings in two ways. Railroad type buildings [stations, etc.] will NOT disrupt the way they do at present] and other buildings [Post Offices, plants, hotels, etc.,] will not be permitted on 'steep' hillsides where they cause disruption. How one defines 'steep' and what one does when building [in the Andies, for example] where everything is hillsides is not covered... Anyway, they are working on the 1.04 patch.
  4. TGA only Red is either land or water and needs to be left red (water) or changed to pure black (land at sea level) - Look at the red in Holland and it is all land that is below sea level, so it is red, and should be changed to black. Look at the Caspian Sea and it is red because it is water. Look for ANY red and determine what it is to be. THEN the yellow can be changed to red and, along the coasts, individual yellow pixels changed to red or black depending on whether you want them to be water or land. Then import into the RT3 map maker and away you go. I recommend a first try using .2 1 an
  5. Find the pink and change it as it is all BELOW sea level and if I had left it red it would be ocean. All the rest is just fine and ready to go. Scale is 6000 meters is one pixel. Equidistant conic projection. At 6000 meters is one pixel I would guess that .17 1 1 would be good values re elevation.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  6. For those inclined to do their own thing, the TGA and a raw map of the same area used for the Around Cache Valley map are here for you to download and do your own thing with. Follow reality and put in real towns, or make it into an imaginary area, with different resources, towns, etc. All yours to play with... I used 2, 1 and 1 when I created the map from the TGA, but 3 1 and 1 would likely be closer to reality yet almost impossible to railroad in. See what YOU like and away you go...[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  7. Here be Iceland - and you can put a volcano or two on this RAW map as you place cities, towns, villages, etc. Both the TGA and the raw map are supplied. I have annotated the map a bit to give info on the projection, the scale, etc. The map was generated using 1.8, 1 and 1 - if you do not like the elevation which results, you can use the TGA with different values to generate your own map. Please include the annotations I have on the original map with a note of what you have altered.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  8. This RAW map of Antarctica is without the spikes, and without the problem of the curved line and missing data at a seam. I have included the TGA used to create this map, as you can use it to produce a map of your own with different elevations. Basically it is ready to use, unless you do not like the elevations. The map includes a note as to its scale in one corner, and a pointer to South America in another, both in the ocean so not impacting the actual land mass. Note the following - the ICE SHELVES are NOT in this map! This is the actual land mass of Antarctica, and if you look at an atlas
  9. This is what I call a raw map of Greenland. The starting point for a game map... Feel free to paint, put in towns and cities, resources, etc. 2650 meters per pixel is the closest I can come to the scale of the map... TorontoRSH [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  10. Tried to upload but it reported there was no content in the file in both the case of the WinRAR ZIP file and the WinRAR RAR file, so I sent it to the moderator, with a text message to put in here as well. Hopefully the problems will be solved soon... I suspect that it is the file sizes that is causing the problem. ZIP is almost 10 meg, and RAR is 7.6 megs is size. RSH It is available at the Cyberail web site now in ZIP format. Let me know if you enjoy it, etc. rsh@idirect.com
  11. Antarctica 'Grayscale' ready for fixing and use... 1. Replace any yellow with either red (255 0 0 RGB values) or black (0 0 0) - red becomes ocean and black becomes land at 0 meters elevation. 2. Fix up the seam residue that goes left from the south pole and curves upward. Look at each hole on land and smooth it out to the level of the surrounding land. Fill in the holes in the ocean with RED. 3. Go around the coast and fix anything with a GREEN value that is out of line so that you get rid of the SPIKES that will otherwise show up in the map that you create. The colours work out that each in
  12. Cannot upload new maps... 1. Will not accept an RAR of almost 9 megs 2. Will not accept a ZIP of almost 10 megs Map of North Utah South Idaho Southwest Wyoming 1024 * 1024 RT3 map single or multiplayer map. Let me know when I can post it...
  13. How does one post a map on this site? I have NOT seen a place one can upload to in the forum, so it looks like this site only wants links to other sites... and that does NOT serve my purpose. Hopefully I'll figure this system out in a few minutes or hours :)
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