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  1. Ok, thank you, I know why to stop the trains, I was just thinking there was a way to stop them all at one tim without having to go to each ones individual priority flag.
  2. So I dusted off the old Platinum CD and installed it on my laptop, was surprised it actually woks with 8.1. Anyways, it's been a while, so i've forgotten somethings. I seem to remember a cheat code that turned off Robberies? Am I remembering correctly or am I going crazy? Also, Stop the Trains. How do I do this? I've forgotten, a google search brings up my Forum post from wayyyyy back in 2006 asking what the benefits and such were. Again, I seem to remember a cheat code. Thanks guys.
  3. either of you, "No to Socialism" on Medicare or know someone who is?, perhaps a parent?... We can do an ACTUAL Healthcare experiment here and CANCEL Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.....Is that what they are? Socialism?........
  4. The increase that brought all of the so called Tea Baggers out to blame it on Obama...... Something people need to understand, this country has been in debt almost it's entire existence. Andrew Jackson managd to reduce the National Debt to $34,000 in 1835.....Course today that would probably be about $4 billion......ALL countries are in debt....... If this was Bill Clinton, or George Bush, or Ronald Reagan, or Jimmy Carter...no one would be saying anything about all of this.....This all because we, as a country, elected a Black Man to be President. So obviously somthing is not right so he must be trying to destroy our country and instigate Facism...... The only Fascist president this country has had Left us with 2 wars thats plan to end them was "Leave it to the next administration".........and same President also left us with an Economy that had crashed, and their Plan to fix it involved throwing huge amounts of Cash to their Big Corporate Banking friends so they could give each other Multi-Million Dollar Bonus while Canning thousands of honest hard working Employees. AND THEN somehow managed to Blame the Incoming President for Giving them the money they had alrady been given. People need to come back to reality.
  5. I've been having the same problem the last few days.......I figured it was my Web Browser.....but All of the links on the main Page, except the forum, take me back to the main page..
  6. where does this More Taxes keep coming from?..Yes Taxs went up slightly on Tax day this year, but that was a Hike that was instituted by the Bush led Republican Government...
  7. Funnily enough, When I need Cash..thast how I Get it...I buy up shares and then Merge....
  8. Ok..so then whast the Difference between the Dividend and Earnings per Share?? Something tells me they should be the same....but they're not...
  9. So having played this game for, well since it's been out....I thought I'd had the Market figured out, I realize that I don't......... I'm wondering, How is the Stock Dividend payed out to the Shareholders??...........I've had the Dividend ramped up to where it's paying out well over a couple million bucks and I should be recieving the vast majority of it, but I never seem to be getting it.........just like my Salary.I never seem to get the full amount....... So, how are Stock Dividends payed out and my salary as well........Also, whast th edifference between the Dividend and the Earnings per share.....
  10. Hello all, Been away from RT2 for way, way, way too long..........In fact I just finished installing and patching it, and swugn by here to grab my favorite maps and I got to thinkin, and finally decided to jump out and do what I've been wanting to do for a very long time. I'm throwing out a request for a map, should be pretty straightforward.........I'd like a map of the State of Indiana......from somewhre around it's railroading heyday. I've always toyed with Midwest in the Editor, by changing ALL fo the City sizes in Indiana, plus adding a few historical Industries, and a few other towns. But Midwest is lacking on the Scale I want. I'm looking for just Indiana, with a few outside cities, Chicago of course, possibly Louisville, Cincinatti, and someway to get to St. Louis.............I want to buold the Monon, the Terre Haute and Indianapolis, and so on....... I will be more then happy to contribute but I need someone who can lay the ground work for me.....i.e. Produce the actual map image and lay the cities out. If nyone is interested please let me know and we can get started........
  11. so I asked the question of AddOn Loco's in another thread..but I was curious if anyone knew HOW to edit the Game itself....and not just the maps??
  12. Hey all, Been away from RT2 or a while...starting to get back into it.......but having had some experiance with SM's Railroads!.....I'm curious to know if anyone ever created or tried to create Add On Locos for RT2??......
  13. hey All, I downloaded the Missing map from Phil Steins. blog.... I dropped it into the Maps Folder......Loaded up the Game...and I now have 2 Different Alaska Maps listed....One actually tells me the Alaska Scenerio Info, the Other is Tanaganore Island...... Problem is...BOTH Maps load up to Tanganore Island..... How do I fix this?
  14. Ok I've got a few questions all concerning the same thing..... So here I am, I've managed to get ahold of full ownership of my Railroad, I own 100% of the Stock....and I've managed to accumulate a significant amount of personal Cash.....Railroad A, my Original Line, we'll call it the TH&I, is running itself very smoothly, and is making a tidy profit, even in a Depression Economy, and has a Very Large amount of Cash Reserve.......So I decide to venture off and start my own New Railroad in an as of yet Un-Tapped portion of the map........So I start my new company up....Of course this effectivly "resigns" me from my chairmanship of the TH&I(no problem knew this was coming)...after a few years of running my new company I Decide to merge my 2 railroads together to maximize my profits......My New Railroad cannot afford to purchase my original, and since the TH&I has a good deal of money on hand I Decide to use it to handle the merger......So I go to "re-assume" chairmanship and a funny thing catches my eye...my Railroad, of which I am the SOLE Stockholder, is being run by a "Committee of Shareholders", How is this possible?? I'm THE shareholder.......Well I Figure this is just some RT2 Technical stuff so I come back to the TH&I and to my Utter horror discover that this Mystery Committee has changed ALL of my Trains.....I now have TWICE the Trains I had....Practically ALL of my Consists AND their Associated Power has been changed...and not only that but this Committee has Squandered Every Last Penny in the Cash Reserves, this was cash amounting to well OVER $10 Million...and all in a span of Less then 6 years.......What happened?? so my questions... who is this Mystery "Committee of Shareholders"? As Sole shareholder, I Would assume I should have some say in the Lines Dealings..... and How do I keep them from Changing EVERYTHING I've done to make this railroad opperate at a constent Profit?? this really has me irked...as I have a "system" when I'm playing......I try to go for Fleet Commonality....Either All Loco's are the Same or at the Very Least All Passenger Locos are the Same and all Freight Locos are the same...and I Also "Express" all of my Passengers and "Regular" all my Freights...unless it's something special....I come back and find I've gone from having the American 4-4-0's for Passenger Service and the Consolidated 2-8-0 for Freight..to having about 3 or 4 of EVERY Steam type avalible and ALL of my trains have become "Regulars".......and th ecompany was in Debt all of the sudden..... I realize with the Whole Shareholders committee I'm probably S.O.L. with as it's a built in thing...but there HAS to be a way to prevent them from screwing with what I've done..as People talk about starting AI Lines to provide their Main Line with Material..and that alone means that the Person is setting up the Consi's and they are staying that way when they Hand the Feeder over to the Comp.... Please help.. thanks
  15. Cool... I figured it had something to do with price..... I'll remember the Selling Stock strategy....I usually ramp the Divedend up in December for myself.... but I'll remember the rest..... thanks...
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