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  1. Voy a poner en español e ingles para los que no comprenden ingles o español. I will put in Spanish and English for those who do not understand English or Spanish. Español: Hola, primero en principal Quiero anunciarles que el Dune 2000 tendrá mas muscas. osea que tendrá nuevas (Rock, electro, clásicos, etc) Les aviso otra cosa que tuve que poner en este lugar el post porque en dune 2000 nuevas noticias no me dejaba crear una plantilla allí. Nombres de las músicas nuevas: Hello, first in main I want to announce that the Dune 2000 will have more muscas. I mean it will have new (Rock, electro, classics, etc) I told them something else that I had to post in this place because in 2000 new news did not let me create a template there. Names of new music:
  2. No te preocupes, ya lo puse en una pagina para poder descargarlo... BLOG: http://luisito-eb.blogspot.com.ar/2016/03/descargar-dune-2000-v3.html
  3. If you want I can pass the game now but it will be incomplete!
  4. That's because you have not seen everything. For now I will stop editing because I started school, only on Saturday and Sunday I will be able to edit, but if they do not send a lot of homework! [posted in English]
  5. [Release] Harkonnen Family - Dune 2000 Campaign

    Si que te las ingenias para crear una buena historia.
  6. I have a problem completing the mission!

    Gracias... por cierto ya solucione este problema de "Enemy house no valid". y de nuevo, gracias por su atención.
  7. I'm playing better and at the end of a mission for sale and I get this message!
  8. Hi, I'm Luisito EB, a new member here and I send you greetings first ... I want to tell you that I am creating a more modern version (more missions, survivals, tests [I think they call them tests], and other things more ...) If anyone is interested in this version please contact me on my Facebook profile "Luisito EB" Find me I'm available ... Now I will pass some images to you, what is new and available. RISE OF MERCENARIES: (Mision 1 y 2) If you want to know more about this, go to my Luisito Blog that can be downloaded in the not too distant future. BLOG: http://luisito-eb.blogspot.com.ar/2016/03/descargar-dune-2000-v3.html Contribution and help... (todopara voz) Your Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkMMj5bTj6AWDbFr98SLihg My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5U9XkiZHf7HWTaSQqbGv0Q GamePlay facts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp4s-MM5H6o&list=PLGYTpYOre29nLQpPCqdMRNWbkDq_ZtB1g Mercenaries (Complete) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg5bm1indHg&list=PLGYTpYOre29nFsK1muZH6PbRV7SIK51x7 Fremen (Complete) Greetings.