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  1. Been playing this campaign recently, and mission 5 is a nightmare. Atreides send too many reinforcements, and I survived some waves barely keeping my tanks alive and squashing enemy soldiers with them, but with too many tanks and quads, missile launchers, wow... O.O and sandworms, while I was defending my base, kept eating my harvesters... Previous missions (because I played it) were well designed, good job!
  2. It would be excellent to play the harkonnen side lol and have the faces look like the ones of the movie. There's a lot of development on dune 2000 and unfortunately not so much so with this one.. :(
  3. " You can actually destroy the Outpost in a very easy way, but it ain't honorable :D I think you know what I'm talking about" Yep, I know.. You did well with the diplomacy dynamics. ;) It's interesting to see that this game has had so much investment in terms of single player content, while so many other games with their own devkit handed since launch, players didn't do squat with it.
  4. In any case, it could be seen as a break of truce plotted by the harkonnen to frame the emperor. Every turn through each faction's perspective on key moments, you slightly changed something in terms of strategy - final mission with atreides or the others, the approach had to be different, as we spoke about; the jamming outpost either destroyed by harks or atreides, the trigger is always on the player's hands to turn the battle on its favor. Yesterday, in this mission, somehow the smugglers engaged the emperor but got destroyed because the outpost was still working. Poor guys, annihilated! Oh, and the sabotaging mission, playing with the harkonnen, the fremen stop at the starport's walls and don't destroy it. With ordos didn't happened. I just ended the mission and moved on.
  5. Lol it worked. I kept a contingent on the atreides base and that made the emperor faction thinking twice on an all out attack. The reinforcements later helped defending it. Then I placed a tank+missile wall at the middle of the map and harvester extermination started, while my allies made prepared their offensives. On the harkonnen campaign, map 3, great stuff - To make it easier I tricked the emperor on attacking the mercs and these got squeezed with the help of the ordos lol, leaving me time to build up my base. At my first run, the mercs overran the ordos base. 2nd time I tried this strategy to make things more interesting xD
  6. I realized that patience is key in some daunting missions... that's true alright. My strategy was to keep trying to defend the atreides too and I'll keep insisting on it. Tough thing is that ordos only have tanks as best armor to manufacture... and the starport runs out of missile launchers very quick. Sometimes I look at their map section and the imperor's forces just suddenly roll several buildings before I get there to defend in time, crippling their defensive and production capacities. Challenging xD I have to focus more lol
  7. Awesome missions... Some impressions I got so far, I have been playing on the ordos side of the sandstorm expansion (atreides was smooth), and the last mission is tough to have my allies alive while I struggle to build my base. The problem is the atreides, they are always overwhelmed byt the emperor. The harkonnen hold on by themselves but with the left flank broken it's just too much for us both lol. My tactic is to get enough turrets to hold a line of defense, and my reinforcements I move to help on the atreides defense. I've tried going after the harvesters also but the atreides have always been the problem, they don't fortify their base to have it resistant to enemy waves. Any thoughts on how to approach this mission successfully?
  8. Yes, that's what I was used to do, and keep a backup of the overwritten files in a separate folder. Cheers
  9. Hi guys, CM_blast, I have gruntmods edition and there's other maps with same names as this package. How do I keep these in the same folder so that I can access with Mission Launcher? Rename them to something else?
  10. Cm_blast thanks for sharing your maps, they're awesome to play. Briefings are a bit sketchy but you've already said you're not english native so it's understandable. I love to play ally coop missions with AI, or even seeing other AI battling each other in the map. Cheers y gracias.
  11. Yes! That's it, I just tested and the crash doesn't happen at 10:40. Thanks for sharing this :) really cool.
  12. Does nobody has the working file for the harkonnen mission 4 of the war of assassins campaign that can spare me? It's such a small file and so easy to upload. I'll be thankful, of course. Just wanted to have the whole thing working.
  13. Hi, this is the 2nd time I'm writing here and lost what I was posting. So, it will be a bit resumed. First of all, thank you for sharing these campaigns. I have been playing it, and I'm on harkonnen, after finishing the atreides campaign - it has been great to play this, the story has character and I like what you did with the briefings. Technically, I appreciated you did different stuff with missions, like ally play, neutral factions, text in game, help this and that, etc - it diversifies, instead of just kill x y z, or me vs every one. I was going to write this soon but there's some issues with the harkonnen campaign, mission 4, that led me to write in this forum sooner than I wanted. (I wanted to finish everything). I also read somewhere here that there's an ordos mission which is bugged too. I hope you can place a new download with everything corrected, since in http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26918-release-dune-2000-war-of-assassins/page-1the download is broken and in this thread the harkonnen mission still has the issue. I hope you can reply soon or some other forum member / mod. Thank you.
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