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  1. heh, Well done Acriku. Anything else?
  2. Use gas men (flamethrower/green gas) on machienes. They do the least damage and reove the leech's almost immediately. ;)
  3. Unless its a single player mission that'd be useless. ::)
  4. No it isn't, as stated it is orginally a bible quote, but Coolio many years ago made it into a "gansta" rap. :P
  5. lol. They are a piece of piss, they're only there to fill up space! I've never had a single problem with them, they're useless. And why give your enemy the chance to build air units at all? Unless your fighting one of the last 3 levels or a multiplayer level you can have your enemies destroyed by the time they build their outpost/factory. ::)
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