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  1. If i become a millionare i will hire the best programmers, designers, mucisians, etc to make another Dune game....
  2. i know that the game was abandoned long time ago. I am saying that they are launching this game with what Emperor should have be launched with.. Map editors ( instead of waiting for it to come out ) and some toher stuff.. They have learned that BETA sessions are really important..
  3. It seems like WW is doing what they should have done with Emperor. Map editor, download maps before getting into the game and some other stuff that might do that game a success SOMETHING THAT THEY HAVENT SEEN IN A LONG TIME. and the worse is that i will end up buying the game knowing that they will abondom the game... :( WHy ME...
  4. ups my bad i meant cant not can i know nothing about PCs ?? why ??? C++, PHP, HTML, Flash, A+, and i ll be getting my Unix + in a few, MSCE S*CKS
  5. Yep since i can live without Emperor, i just created a new partition on my PC so i can install windoze :( and be able to play EMBFD :). so i ll see you tonight ;). I am back baby, hey take it easy on me since i ll be like a n00b :( LOL
  6. PToN

    Earth And Beyond

    boring game, i a beta and i prefer to and study than play that crap. Its not worth the money or the monthly fees. Get emperor. PS: i whish i could make eperor work under linux :(, it doesnt even work fine on Windows so ......
  7. PToN


    I ve been hearing a lot about Earth 2150 and i decided to buy the game, they were 9.99 and i got my emplye discount and it was 4.99 i got the firs 2 sequels and i can tell you that the game is very very good it is like emperor with the difference that is supported and you can do more with your units, you can change weapons and all that kind of stuff, it is really worth to get it
  8. yeha i now remember :) thanks for the info, i knew it was something with covered and one with Gold on its name, an dGold was supposed to have LAN gaming
  9. WOW WC i remember that, i still have all the CDs for WC3, WC 4 and WC: Prophecy. And i started with WC because i played WC for SNES and i fell in love with the game. They did came out with a version that allowed Multi player WC: Cover Ops or WC: Gold one of those 2. I like all of them i ve been looking for a game like that since the WC project was cancelled BY EA and no luck in fact i ll never find a game like that one. BEST GAME EVER WC with EBFD ;)
  10. OHOH Vigilent is mad. Battle realms kind of sucks, its more like warcraft3, but you don thave any hero or crap like that you can get the demo and play it. and about earth what versions are ?? 2 or one ???? i might get it its only like 9 bucks, and i am goign to get Dune2000 9.99 heheh a clasic lates
  11. Guys i am really sad for what i saw today. My day started as everyday, well almost everyday, at 11:00 PM i wake up took a shower i ate something and i went to work. When i got to CompUSA i went to clock in and after 1 hour of been there i saw somthing that shocked me i saw the merchendiser manager taking Emperor off the shalves I ASKED IN A BAD TONE HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? She said "its been discontinue a few months ago and we are sending the games back" i almost started crying. I remember the day on which i got Emperor i had to work at 10 and i went to Best Buy to buy it the lady said we dont have it yet I SAID WHAT!!!! YOU MUST HAVE IT, and she said let me check the SYSTEM she cam back with a box with very atracktive colors i said YES. I paid 49.99 ( worth the money ) and i got late to work because of emperor, i didnt even wanted to work I WANTED GO HOME AND PLAY THE BEST GAME EVER, i lied the manager , i said i was feeling bad really bad, he said ok go home, i ran home since i dont have a car (it wanst soo far ) when i got ther started intalling the game and finally the moment i had been waiting for 3 years EMPEROR:BATTLE FOR DUNE. Thats why i almost cried today when i heard that Empeor its been sent back to WW, retail price 14.99 employee cost 8.45 i wanted to buy them all but i knew it wouldnt change anything, i turned back and started selling shit. Soon stores wont have Emperor on the shelves, so if you want to collect some GO NOW SINCE TOMORROW THEY MAY NOT BE THERE.
  12. I just want to kind of help here by telling people that PLEASE MAKE YOUR POSTS in the RIGHT SECTION, since HALF OF THE POSTS HERE WERE LOCKED for that the reason already mentioned.Many of you may say WTF he htinks he is, i just want his to look good and organized. I also think that many persons here are with me. " Correct me if I am wrong "Thanks
  13. Well i think i am good, IF WE WORK AS A TEAM i get me lich and like 5 ghouls + the forces of the others teammates and its done we won :D. I hvaent played by myself since i want to have the perfect strategy thin i am achiving............ Look for me PToN or IKC-PToN i might be logged as one of those 2. Maybe we can have a clan ..... [DUNE] or [EmPEROr] =D just a thought ::)
  14. My name still be PToN or IKC-PToN and i can rush your @ss :D, we should play toghether and we can make a clan [DUNE] or something else ?? what you say ?
  15. [QOUTE]Blizzard won't listen to you guys just because you have a million signatures [/QOUTE] Do you know how many Copies of Diablo2 weree sold ?? a bit over 1 million, and for startcraft i think it didnt go over 1 million. THAT RIGHT THERE means money. I and i am sure many of of you Want blizzard to make the game, but what i or we really want is Blizzard to take a look at the potential that the game has and by doing that they will relize that its an excelent game. When they do that we will have our game. PS: IF EVERYONE WERE A BIT MORE POSSITIVE THINGS COULD BE DONE
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