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  1. Thank you. I have indeed started recently and currently I work on rendering part. I've already built region generator for strategic map. I'll demonstrate it eventually. Also I contemplate on new mechanics trying to figure out how to add something new. Currently I stopped on introducing water and fuel resources for infantry and vehicles. Vehicles would consume fuel while moving (but not standing) and infantry (and vehicle crews too probably) would consume water constantly with the pass of time. This should limit troops in different ways and create new mechanics. For example tanks are stronger but can't to travel from one end of map to the other without refuelling needing intermediate bases while weaker lighter quads can travel back and forth. I also think of introducing long range artillery capable of firing from closed positions (self-propelling howitzers) and the need to supply it with ammunition that will be produced by munitions factory on the base. Long range requires other units to serve as spotters while limited munitions create lines of supply and vulnerability. Some other ideas are: -- infantry capable of climbing rock terraces attacking enemy base from where vehicles can't -- land mines (both anti-tank and anti-infantry) layed by minelayer vehicle and/or infantry -- sand storms masking enemy troops advance If you have any ideas to share I would like to hear them. I am particularly interested in what dangerous fauna to substitute sandworms with, what resource it's better to use instead of spice, any interesting unit types and combat mechanics.
  2. Update, 7 September 2018 Here are examples of maps generated with region generator. This generator produces unique region layout for every new campaign.
  3. Greetings to all. I am developer of RTS inspired by Dune RTS series: Land of Sand. I believe my project may be of interest to this forum's audience since it's essentially an attemp to make something along the lines of Dune 2000 and Emperor. Maybe some of you would give me new ideas, suggestions and critics. Brief description of my project: It's going to be RTS with metastrategic layer: global map devided into regions, which player defends or conquers during Dune like RTS missions. In between missions player chooses what region to attack, invests resources in capital base development and researching technologies, gathers intelligence on enemy regions, sends agents to sabotage enemy efforts, negotiates with secondary factions. Capital base progress and global situation influences player capabilities during missions: how much supplies and reinforcements can be supplied, what units and buildings are available, secondary factions acting as allies, neutrals or enemies. For obvious reasons the game will not use Dune universe, but there will be something similar: three factions fighting for control over a desert planet with forth faction manipulating them and stepping out of shadows in the endgame. I haven't yet decided on details of the setting including what is going to play the role of valuable resource (spice), and what's going to play the role of dangerous local fauna (sandworms). Project site: LandOfSand.net Steam group: land-of-sand
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