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  1. Damn, alright, thanks for the info though.
  2. I got a question, maybe its simple and i just dont know but i ask anyway xD When i want to create a Coop Campaign, then the AI Enemies always have the House that appear in order, mean AI at slot 3 is Ordos, 4 is Emperor (Harkonnen), 5 with Fremen (Atreides), can i change that? when selecting a House in the Lobby for them it doesnt change that, and when setting their House in the Mission Settings from the Editor, this also dont change anything, like it does for singleplayer campaigns. I hope i explained well enough what i have trouble with.
  3. Oh i think i failed hard, i used the exactly same name for all 3 files, so i just missed _ for .mis But thank you, so i dont need to test it out too much.
  4. Hi, i just returned here after a longer break. And now i want to add some own custom Maps, there i got a problem, i tried it with one of my campaign Maps first. Am i right you have to be Atreides and if Co-Op your partner is Harkonnen? Well my real problem is that this dont work at all, i mean the .mis seems to not be loaded or something. I just tried it alone with only AI Players do i need another Player or should it work either way? And the last thing: the configuration file; alot of Maps (or all?) have one i just need it for the Name to be Displayed right? Hope for some help
  5. Another Question, the most Triggers i understand but how work the Dummycondition?
  6. I have a simple question. Just downloaded the Toolkit and created a Map with Campaign Editor. Now i want to load this with Mission Editor, but it need .mis files? So, how to chance the .map to .mis?
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