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  1. Ok some new information. I tried to run Emporer in a window but adding the command line -window and it was abut to do it but then the program error box came up and said that game.exe has generated errors and will now be closed by windows. An error log is being created. The problem is...i can't find an error log :( and the game still doesn't work.
  2. Thanks....i'm still looking around for a solution
  3. Well sry for that outburst and thank you all for trying to help, but it still doesn't work and i really don't want to bother you guys about it because i feel like i ask too much if i do since all of the suggestions haven't worked. As far as i can tell i have no faulty hardware, all games/benchmarks run fine, and everything seems to be detected and working fine without any problems. I can't disable a proc. because i don't know how, i know how when the game is up for long enough, but emperor crashes before i can change anything (i'm talking about the set Affinity as a win2k option in task manager). I would love to try disabling a processor though, just as long as i can do it under windows and i don't have to physically remove the thing. Thanks
  4. i am not going to disable one of my processors. I'm pretty sure that it may not be a hardware problem but a game problem. and if it is hardware and disabling a proc. works, it's pointless because what's the point of having the thing if your gonna disable it? plus this is the ONLY game that doesn't work on my comp. and i'm beginning to think it's because of westwood's Laziness and how much they really do suck
  5. Closing backround programs, any that are possible to close, doesn't work what i mean by possible is that it is not a vital system process
  6. no i'm not trying win xp, too expensive for my current budget (as this computer squandered my savings :- )
  7. All Right here is what i've done. Westwood has told me to close all programs i possibly could then install the game, i did the like no effect. I have done the DMA and aperture size. Yes i've updated my soundblaster drivers since that last DXDIAG. The drivers for my ATI product were the catalysts 2.3's the latest ones out. i've messed with all combinations of resolution + frequency + 16 bit 32 bit colors etc. None of them worked. I've disabled my sound card and tried playing, no effect. and if DXDIAG doesn't list it i have an ASUS A7M266-D AMD chipset motherboard. and lastly i've tried cracking the game to where i don't need to use the cd, and no effect. I hope this is enough information
  8. It installs perfectly. It exits to desktop just before it gets to EA/Westwood Logos
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