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  1. Wow. You guys were right, no cd serial needed. :O I guess it has been way too long since I last played lol.
  2. Easiest: Big Bob Omb (Super Mario 64) Toughest: Yiazmat (I think thats the name) from FF12. Not sure if that is a "true" boss tho.
  3. I started to install by old Dune 2000 disc when I was reminded that a serial key is required. Case and manual long gone. Searched the forum for help, there was some post about you could obtain it from old registry values from the former PC that game was on. I pretty much have every computer since getting into them, but the one that had my old game is missing the hard drive completely. SOL there. I ordered a Dune2000 game off eBay, said it was part of their Classics Collection from Westwood. Ad said "MIB", whatever that means (?). I did some research online, and found that while WW does (did?) offer a Classics Collection, it looks like it is for the C&C games only. I see no mention of Dune2000. So this "game" I am getting, do you all think it is just some ripped version? Or perhaps an old original sans serial key? I really want to be playing this game again with the mods I found here. Can anyone send me privately a working serial just in case (sorry if I shouldn't be asking but I am desperate lol).
  4. Like many, I find the AI in campaign mode to be deserving of being more difficult to beat. I was thinking maybe the Seige Mod, does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. One of the things I never cared for in Dune 2000, was the ability to lay down some concrete pads around a captured enemy building. Simply, this ends up being exploited by placing a pop-up turret or (after a series of repeated pads), something like a barracks to spawn more engineers, etc. Seems hokey to me. Would there a be a way to prevent this ? other than self-restraint ;)
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