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  1. Anyone knows what's going on with RetrOnline_Dune2000 Hamachi network, admin suspended old accounts or what (or mb just didn't pay in time)? Cause i tried to log in today, but my acc suspended, so had to leave network. Tried to reenter but get "this network appears to be full", bullshit i would say... Tunngle rules then!
  2. Fixed links on video tutorials & game download.
  3. Added info about hamachi network, with up to 256 members. See 1st post.
  4. Added info about Kali gaming client. Btw, Forum Staff, this topic should be pinned, don't you think? ;)
  5. Digit@l


    Hello. You may download Dune2k patches here Keep in mind, after patching you will need CD or NoCD utility to play. Or download compilation here It's Dune2k ver. 1.06, no need to install + some new maps & LAN (multiplayer) patch included. That compilation is also x64 OS compatible. Just add videos from your original CD if you want to.
  6. LAN "patch" updated to 1.1.2. Thanks to its creator Marko Zubin! Check my 1st post.
  7. To Sord213 & others. There is absolutely no need in WOL components, if you are going to play via LAN, using LAN "patch". I guess it's something OS related. If you are using Win7 or Vista, try to disable Desktop Composition. Check game options, whether you & other players are using default 16 bit graphics. Check firewall settings. Put Hamachi & Dune2k in exception. Read my post. I already uploaded compiled PvPGN v.1.99 server some time ago. So, everyone who know little or nothing about networking & server hosting, may simply host it on virtual machine. Advanced IT users may host it on WinServer.
  8. Added video tutorial. Cooperative work with Versatile from http://gamedexterity.tk/ Check 1st post.
  9. Same problem. Gruntlord6, pls fix this bug.
  10. Added a link to Multiplayer match video. See my 1st post.
  11. Forgot to renew some server conf files. Done now, so redownload pls. Same link.
  12. Uploaded PVPGN Server v.1.99. Check my 1st post.
  13. subzero22, why don't you post your question in my initial topic Dune2k - The Ultimate Guide to Multiplayer Game? You guys post new topics with same questions over & over again... Anyway, did you put dpipxsp.dll into your game folder? PS. Fellows, you may join Dune 2000 IPX Hamachi network, pass - 2000 Send request & i'll approve it.
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