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  1. When I'm in the Hamachi lobby I see about 20 players names But they not in the Dune2000 lobby where are they ?
  2. Jumbo

    I saw on youtube

    Rapid share sux it was very slow I have fiber optic broadband .........very fast :) And now I chalenge you to a duel name a time and date and I will kill you on Dune
  3. Jumbo

    I saw on youtube

    I did, the patch took nearly an hour to download :(
  4. I'll play a game but Where is Hamachi ?
  5. Ok I got it now, where do I get Hamachi your download link on youtube doesnt work
  6. I saw on youtube that you can download dune2000 with all the patches for free I think the guy was called shanokan or something like that Can some one give me the link please, as I want to play this old game again Thx :)
  7. The link to the Dune download does not work You have to pay to download :(
  8. Jumbo


    Thank you Digital :)
  9. Jumbo


    Hi Duners Is there any way I can download this game (Dune2000) I have the original CD, and have installed it, but when I try to load the game It wont load intill I register with westwood online which doesnt exsist anymore So I cant play the game, I tried to download the 106 patch but the patch in the download section is missing Help please :)
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