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  1. So... Sub-houses are now playable on PC, eh? So here's my little secret :D Back in October 2011, I've played a little with editing Dune 2000 for PSX. And I discovered that if I change the bytes from e.g. Ordos to Smugglers, the game didn't crash. So I was like "I can finally play as any sub-house!" :) So I started modding, but I kept it quiet. I wanted to give Dune 2000 PSX fans a huge surprise with new levels, units etc... I have made 5 fully functioning missions with Smugglers (and A/B maps). And had 6th mission in progress. But... I was too lazy to continue. What a lazy fool I am. P.S. - Modding D2K for PSX is a pain in the a** :D
  2. Some months ago, I started modding Dune 2000 for PSX. Had some levels finished, but I quited modding it, even don't know why. But I have these files lying somewhere on my HDD. It would be a very good mod if I wasn't too lazy to work on it :D Maybe someday...
  3. err... i will take a look on the section(s) which i wrote in the txt file below (in ascii) any idea what it can be? there are many values like these in each mis file. and... have you started working on map editor, mvi? Nov
  4. mvi, why didnt you update the mis file spec topic with my "who is p. 1 etc.."? and devasta, you can change even harkonnen to be atreides, so if you change any player to fremen, you can have fremen in every mission! HAHA!
  5. yeah but every house and every mission has its own coding. and player 4 are always fremen if you wont change it!!
  6. does anyone know why there are more crate colors?? in data.r8 and data.r16
  7. yeah i am working on tech levels in mis files - 80% complete
  8. What?? and i tried to have no sounds, but i wasnt succesful. any other ideas? and amigabot : what are the chances to find him? and when you played with subhouses - which logo you got????
  9. cant open with sound forge, any other ideas? P.S. - tried to edit the dat and rs file in hex editor, game did not crash, but nothing happened. if we can have your friend here, amigabot, we would be kings of dune 2000 modding...
  10. i will send the list to you via pm.
  11. any idea how to open rs file???????? ???
  12. so we can also search for objectives in mis files. and have you got any idea where is the sound data stored? (dat and uil/uib)
  13. It was a logical searching. i wanted to solve the emperor/fremen problem, so i tried this, it worked, and tried to edit other values, and it worked. amigabot, when you and your friend were playing with sub-houses, you did control units, right?
  14. Its a luck that I am from Slovakia so i can read Polish language a little..
  15. if you change e.g. player 1 to smugglers, you must change player 5 to atreides.
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