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  1. Hi, Well ill just fl;og it off to my friends.....ill try it out coz it looks good. They wont take it back if you've put it into your computer.
  2. I think it should have a fremen rifle. :D
  3. Sounds like a good topic Ordos :'( I'm gonna say nothing other than this post....and please dont hurt me ;D Just dont start that up again. There probably could of been something he could of done at the moment but what it was and how it would be executed is beyond me and im not even gonna try and think about ;D Ive just finished reading the book and ill have another look later. How long have you guys been interested in the Dune stuff? Ive only been interested in the 6 months and its brilliant.
  4. hmmm......I have a 512k downstairs on my pc but its one of my mates and hes very picky on what I put on there. I have a PII 400 upstairs which will probably only just run the game let alone the online part. We might get the 512k modem linked to this pc using some computerised wire thingamies that connect my pc to his...i think ;D Well that puts a stomp on things!! I might buy it though if I can ge the good internet upstairs. So there is hardly and single player if any at all?
  5. Can you play the game in single player for a campaign or is it just a multiplayer game?
  6. I know, but the problem is I cant find any release dates on the sites to be able to know when its out. Anyone sent an e-mail to them yet?
  7. Is there any othr choices other than rushing or waiting? Or is it just a straight for division of the two? About the 'crappy' atreides, they are good and to stop the rushing you just need to bnlock the entances up with kinjal and mongooses. They may be slow but the can still kick butt.
  8. Evilbaron........how could they use devastators!!! Im suprised they attepted it ;D I've never actually used rushes in battle other than a quick go to see what its was like in some skirmishes against AI. I think the main reason everyone is p***ed off about them is how effective it can be. Nema, I use the tactics as you do and I think its one of the bestways to go about it. I used play the game called Cossacks in which yuo could have peace time and no-one was aloowed to attack. I think that it should also be included in the game. Over-all im agreeing with you fully so far Nema Fakei :)
  9. I was thinking about htis stratagy last night and came to this conclusion: Rushing is not cheating and is not wrong. In some cases it can show that the player is skilled and can execute it right or it can show he uses tactics to his advantage. On the other hand it could be a despertion move that shows the carlessness in someone therefore showing that they are not as skilled as thought. Doing the opposite has the same effect and conclusion. Waiting could be finding a weakness in the enemy and probing it with units untill you can get in with minimal unit loss which shows good tactics and skill o
  10. we've got a starter, thanx for that, now lets get going :)
  11. They should have a Paul Muab'dib unit that you only build one of at a time that can place bombs in harvesters and other units like tanya can in RA2
  12. Please could you start up some fan fiction where everyone does a part of the story, you probably know how it works. I've read one of the joint fan fictions before and they are excellent. Could someone please start it up.
  13. Does anyone make multiple bases? Such as a small base and a big one? Would it giveany advantages?
  14. Maybe the earth blew up for no apparent reason and therefore is not there anymore ??? Hehehe only joking, but anyway, what are the books or resources are you taking this from. I have the Dune book by Frank Herbert and have only seen one reference to Old Terra. Bob_Matt, I havnt seen that yet but ill got hrough it later and have a look.
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