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  1. I still remember a game two years ago, in MP, a 1v1 both my self and my opponent where badly messed up. Crippled, seriously. I had a small army left and a minor advantage but the enemy was after my Con yard, I decided to repack and retreat the MCV and use my own army to cover it. Worked perfectly as the enemy was using Devastators and the now badly damaged MCV could outrun them. As if by the hand of the late Curino him self a treacherous sodding sand storm swooped in and finished off the very low HP MCV, thus costing me the match. Was actually very funny but at the time annoying.
  2. I always have 6 harvesters through two refineries. I reserve group hot-keys 1-3 for my combat unit types however I use 4-9 for my 6 harvesters independently to keep tabs on them and ensure they still actually exist.
  3. Hello all, I'm new to these forums. I infact registered to ask this one question as I've not been able to find a concise answer online. I'm confident it may have been asked before, however I can't search for it on the forums as one of the keywords "IX" is two letters when the minimum required for a vBulletin search keyword is three characters. I'm sure the moderators would understand this as fair justification for a potential repeat topic and that I would not want to prowl through 50+ pages of threads. In the single player (as Harkonnen and Ordos) At chapter two; the mentat will advise you off alliance possibilities with either the Tilaxeu Or the Ix. Or perhaps find a way to trade with both? Well I've tried very hard to find a way to form an alliance with both and I can't seem to find any way of doing so. On my latest game; I am Harkonnen and already hold an alliance with the Tilaxeu. (by defending them from the Freman) I have seen several territory sub missions that would grant me an alliance with the Ix without dragging me into conflict with the Tilaxeu but yet it still says "Tut-tut Commander, now our alliance with the Tilaxeu is doomed" Is it even possible or is the mentat a lying pink lipped git? Regards, Kane
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