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    Dune Map

    Wonderful initiative! ;D Thanks.
  2. Well, being bored and all, I wrote this list of partially confirmed dune-related rumors that appear on a number of english, french, german and italian boards: If you know either of these to be true, and how to play to actually see them, please feel free to let avid dune 1 gamers know: If you know other such items, be good and post 'em up. - There is a THIRD place (aside from carthag and arakeen) -- this is perhaps the most persistent and recurring rumor. Never seen it myself, but it appears lots of people have seen this?? - along the same line of thought -- liet's seen in front of a .. castle? during the intro of the game - 100% control of the planet actually IS possible -- anyone? - The duke's death can be avoided - The arakeen palace can (apparently) be captured and the game can continue - The emperor, baron, feyd & co can be captured in a .. sietch? - dumping all other activities (spice mining & army) and just working on ecology can lead to an alternate ending? - related to this, ecology close to the hark palace can drive the baron away? - there's a way you can get the emperor off your back and get him to stop asking for spice (this appears to be a glitch though) - ... Any thoughts? :D
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