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  1. I seem to have stumbled onto an issue. I tried downloading the 1.09 Emperor patch today, got a 404 error. So I tried the official map packs, no dice. 404 errors. Are downloads intentionally down across the board, or is something wrong?
  2. Sure, I'll give it a bash. Should be as simple as rePAKing the file containing the .voc's, since the edited Dune2.exe is the same.
  3. Well, I added the moddb profile for Dune II and one for my mod. 8)Now let's hope they approve it, and maybe we can get some of the other mods uploaded there as well... :D In the meantime, I'll attach it here for anyone who wants to try it out, and maybe comment on it (If you think it should rather be in its own thread, just say the word and I'll move it)... Dune II - Subtitle Restoration Patch.zip EDIT: Well, they've approved it. Here's the link to the Dune II page, and here's the link to my mod's page.
  4. Yup. Reverts the subtitle on the animated logo during the intro, and the main menu, and restores the voiceover. Minor, but I've always preferred the ring of "Building of a Dynasty" to "Battle for Arrakis"...Where can I upload the finished mod? is moddb good, or would you suggest somewhere else?
  5. Cool. I intend to make it a full mod, so I figure I should ask: would you mind if I created variations for people using your mod? They modify the same files... What I intend is an option structure like this: HS release HS release + MrFlibble's fix EU release EU release + MrFlibble's fix
  6. Cool. Managed to restore the voiceover, and the subtitle for the animated logo, but I can't find the string for the main menu logo. I'm assuming it's in TITLE.ENG, but SSTE gives errors (specifically a "Stream Read Error") when I try to open it to see. Any suggestions on how I can fix that, or alternative string table editors?
  7. So, seeing that the "Building of a Dynasty" voice clip is still left in the "Battle for Arrakis" version, how difficult would it be to revert the voiceover, the animated logo during the intro and the title screen to "Building of a Dynasty"?
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