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  1. to Mech> I have read all the most recent threads in this sub-forum (arrakis), and some of the others too. and although the project seems to be open for all. I can't just jump in w/o letting people to know that "i'm here". to MrFlibble> Well thank you for being intrested in my lil' project. although it's too large (a full A4 folder) to completely reveal the project. Basically the game would have 3 diffirent main sections (diplomacy,management,warfare). only thing that halted the project was the lack of the warfare section. a good solid 2d engine like D2/C&C. The ideal warfare-engine would be similar with C&C/RA, but with some nice improvements like diffirences in altitide and some nice effects like dynamic light. I would so much like to see troops battling during nighttime w/ weapons creating some nice 'mood' light. ^_^ The other sections are much easier. I created (functional) alpha versions of diplomacy and management sections with php. Shouldn't be too hard to learn the C++ variations.
  2. Hi all! Few days ago i dl:ed the bene gesserit and i'm kind of impressed. I grew up playing Dune ][ (and starcon2) and i'd like to join the project. 1st - few basic suggestions. a) try to make it easy for people to add custom content into the game (new tilesets and vehicles & everything between). I tried to play with the .dat's but with no success. support for custom tilesets would allow other planets to be designed. b) don't limit anything. this would allow the game-base to be relatively small, but if players wan't to enhance it they could. like dynamic lighting and other effects. 2nd - how big will this get? I see two options. will this be (sorry... :| ) just another c&c clone or something truly epic? If you wan't to make this big, then you'll get all my support and more. I once designed a dune game very inspired by the original Dune ][, but it never got out of the paper. :'( I'd always wanted my own house. And in the 'Duniverse' there are known to be around 100.000-1.000.000 minor houses so... ^_^ - it could be possible. Think of it, you'd start from some distant rock in the far distance of the known universe and compete/cooperate with your neighbours expanding & growing bigger and more influental. ultimately gaining major house status and thus gaining spicemining rights on arrakis... aaah... how cool would this be. and a mousewheel-zoom!! ^__^ -yeah! i'm very retro-spirited and dune-addicted so i'd be quite good addition to the team (i think), i'll just need the tools to work with. ok... i could keep on talking till the end of time. so now i'll stop. Later mates.
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