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  1. Are you making that up trike? Sounds abit bizare to me. Anyways, I need to further my education of building on white sand!
  2. Infantry are as good as any. Detecting S raiders is a good use of infantry and defeating quads, scouts. Troopers are much more usefull... Especiialy in numbers. Just back them up with tanks and march soldier, march!
  3. So many people play Dune2k offline but... NO ONE PLAYS IT ONLINE, except the same old few. Sigh.....
  4. BlitzRune

    Im sure we could give him some sort of challange... And me and Trike have played enough Trike Craties games to stand a goodish chance against him at that. ;)
  5. BlitzRune


    As such You must never improve Funky.... Trike on the other hand...
  6. Well then come back and play again!!!
  7. BlitzRune


    I hope to, to see you. Ahhh yeah come play dune!
  8. Indeed! But then again, I lost to you as well Oph. Well it was my first game but still...
  9. Yeah... He took you down hard oph! :O
  10. Im so indesicive when it comes to choosing a side... Well At first I liked Ordos but now they seem to weak and imho the Deviator isnt that great. And you can really notice how awful their ctanks are compared to other sides. I have therefore defected to Atredis. No wait... I have defected to Hark. Ummm... Death to the duke!
  11. Well I've already been taken under your wing funk. And your a great teacher! :D
  12. Yep dune2k sure is still alive! And simmsy if your funkmando then yeah, we suck at dune compared to you ;).
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